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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back Home in Sweden

Yesterday i arrived back home in Sweden and it felt so good to be back and to be home again! Once i got back to my house around 6pm all i did was lie in my bed with series and some snacks! I would say its never felt so good to be home again, but it has before! Now it was just nice to be home and back in Sweden.

The travel back to Sweden was a bit of a crazy one.... first we got a taxi from our hotel at 6.30am (pre booked taxi) and the way he drove to the airport was a different route than the taxi driver took who picked us up from the airport. So i sat in the back with my aunt and we were both worried that we were going to end up somewhere strange as we had no idea where we were anymore. I've had a few too many weird and not nice situations with taxis so i try to avoid them as much as possible, but the taxi driver knew where he was going and we arrived at the airport on time. Then we made our way through the airport, went through security and checked in, i bought even more chocolate at the tax free. We bought ourselves sandwiches for the plane and then it was alot of queuing and waiting  And finally we were on the plane and thought... only 4 hours to go. But those 4 hours were filled with turbulance, a group of old people who couldnt seem to sit down and kept going up to stand in the aisle and talk to someone else in the group, lots of coughing and talking/shouting over the seats.... i think they disrupted atleast half the plane with their constant movement and shouting to one another, also there was alot of turbulance for almost the whole flight so really people shouldnt be up in the aisles so the flight attendants (?) had to keep running up to those people and telling them to sit down. All in all, crazy!! But once we were in Sweden everything felt better again and then it was just the car ride home!!

The 5 days away were really nice and we did alot of different things and saw alot of different things. I like travelling and all the adventures and experiences involved, seeing new things and doing new things, making memories and also have photos to look back on. Though now its back to reality and i have alot of things to do today, so need to start right away so i can hopefully get a whole bunch of things done today!! :) I might write more and post some photos from my trip as i didnt have the time to do that while i was there, but ill see if i remember or not!! :)

2,2 kg.... it will last like 5 days max in my house!!!

And if you're feeling sad, look at this cute puppy!!


  1. The chocolate amount you bought is crazy:D What is the biggest amount of chocolate you have eated at one go?

    1. 300g . Hahhaha. ... I didn't feel so great afterwards. My body reacts strongly to chocolate after roughly 50g but it was so delicious anyway.

  2. Ohh I really like the Milka chocolate. It's one of the best in the world <3

    Have a nice day back home :)

    1. It really is!!! Thank you. I hope you have a good day today!

    2. Thank you so much.
      Up to now, unfortunately, my day was not so ED pulls me down at the moment, but I'll give my best :)