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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ask me questions/comment topics/subjects

As you know on Thursday i am travelling to Lisbon for 5 days and i have a feeling that i wont have internet access unless we go to some restaurant which might have it. But my plan is to schedule atleast 2 posts each day for those 5 days, i.e 10 posts! But i dont have so much creativity, so now its up to you, my readers to give me some advice!!

I know i have answered so many questions and written posts about most things as well as answered pretty much all questions about myself by this stage. But who knows, maybe there is something you are sitting at home wondering about. Or maybe you want to share YOUR story or some advice, then please email me at:   It would be awesome if you wanted to write a guest post! (Please title the email guest post, even if it is advice or a story etc you want to share!) . Or maybe you feel that you want me to clarify something, write my opinon about something (nothing religious or political!) or maybe you are just wondering whether i prefer normal quark or flavoured quark. Or what are 5 things i would do on my last day on earth etc etc

It would be very helpful if you commented so i can get some ideas and creativity going in my head so i can write a few posts :):)


  1. I love all the posts about you and your life, especially the ones that are mainly for your own sake, where you come across as most yourself :-)
    A few posts ago you said you could say more about your experience of struggling with concentration and getting back into school work and I would be interested in what you say about that, but PLEASE do not prioritise this question -- I ask because I am interested, but I'm sure there are people who have questions where they are really needing answers in a different way.
    Have a great time away. I'm glad you will get a break, and time with your boyfriend.

  2. ps (continuing from above) another question that i would be interested in, but again it should NOT be a priority, but if you felt like it, i would be interested in what you might say about your experience of the relationship between developing a good relationship with your body and developing a good relationship with your self. have you experienced those as different and why and how....?
    But only if you want to, honestly.
    have a wonderful week

  3. I hope you have a lovely break Izzy and thank you for all your continued help, through informative posts on your blog :)

    I do have a question for you, regarding finding balance between eating X times a day (say 3-6 times) and fitting this around a busier schedule -- like for instance studies.
    This might present more stress and so your views on coping with recovery on return to education would be fab!

    Thanks once again and similarly to above, if you are able to post an answer to this that would be so kind. Xx

  4. Hello :)
    I hope you will enjoy your trip!! You deserve it!
    Like someone said above, these suggestions for blogpost-topics are not the priority, but if you need some ideas here I have some subjects that i have to deal with:

    -> Finding balance between eating enough and but not too much after recovery. I experience that I eat a lot now, but I know I have to find the right way to not eat too much and to fall into the other extreme. Do you understand what I mean?

    -> Another topic about which you have already written some posts about, is, how to help friends with an eating disorder. The difficult thing is, that she is of full age and has a boyfriend, but I have the feeling that he does not recognize her short weight and her disordered eating habits.

    Please Izzy, don't feel like you're under pressure to write something about this.
    It's only an suggestion for you, because you have asked for this.
    Thank you for your power! <3

  5. Hi izzy!! You truly are an amazing person and an inspiration! How you manage to care of yourself and yet help all of us is amazing!

    I personally love your food posts. Not only does it give me motivation and assurance that it's ok to eat a certain amount, but it also helps me with portion sizes.
    Also, I've been feeling like my day revolves around eating. I had traveled a few days ago and so we were walking all the time (which I loved as I have always been an active/sporty person) but when I got back I was doing nothing. Ive completely lost my appetite and I just feel like the day is wasting by just waiting for the next meal. Does that make sense at all? My dietician recommended going for light walks but would it be so bad if I went on runs if I am about 9-10 lbs from my goal weight? I just feel so restless. Also when I have something to do then I don't think about food as much. And when it's snack time it doesn't feel like I just ate.

    I also have these moments where I'm like 'you know what. Screw weight. Who cares what the number is. Once I gain the weight I get to go to the gym and be muscly (I used to have muscle and be strong from sports. I hate bone. I love the fit body).....but when I get that motivation, it slowly goes away and I freak out over the number again and I don't know why!! I do well, gain weight, but then I get scared and lessen my food again! It's been like that for a year:(. I know I should be ashamed...but I don't know why. I always think of celebrities now and in the old days. Women were petite. Like Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, lilly collins (love her haha). They're beautiful and thin. Idk.....any advice? And I love how my clothes look on me now, they're looser. My big ass is smaller (one of the reasons I started cutting down on food). I just don't want things to change.

    What happens if I just stay in this weight?

    1. It is like I read my own post... exactly my words. I also want the 'skrew-the-weight-thought' would stay.. the feeling like you really want it, and do not understand why go back..

  6. "Link Love" was quite fun! I found this guy on YouTube who answers people's questions, every possible topic- Onision - he even talks about mental health problems from a different perspective.
    Maybe you could write about how to tell a relative to eat healthy. To clarify, I'm a healthy weight and eat regularly and exercise. It worries me to see a relative only eating one meal and ca 2 snacks per day; and I don't care if they aren't hungry etc, it isn't healthy.
    But most importantly, enjoy your holiday! Come back refreshed :))

    1. Forgot about a suggestion haha. Do you think The Minessota Study proves metabolic damage and why does/ doesn't it?
      Thank you :>

  7. Hi izzy again no pressure to write but just some ideas on topics. I also echo anon above in how to keep going when the scales go up and then getting frightened esp when it shoots up a lot and then you cut back and then you have to add food back in and so on. also how to deal with seeing the numbers going up, getting to numbers that you always kept below and how to go over.

    how to manage your food when you don't have access to dietetic support and have to do it on your own. i don't know what portions to have, what nutrients are best, what foods fill you up and how to manage this extreme hunger I'm currently feeling. It's terrible i can't sleep nor concentrate cos I'm in so much pain. i feel in a bind cos i don't want to add more and more food in as this would feel out of control, yet I'm in pain too. I've been told i need to gain 0.25kg a week so i feel anxious about putting on more if i have to eat more. I'm scared I'm going to break and binge (not that i have but it is a fear of mine). i don't know what to do hun, i can't afford to pay for help and my health authority won't give me dietetic help. so i am on my own. i want to get better i really do yet I've been ill for so long i don't know anything different. its like i want to put on weight but i don't also and i don't know how to manage not exercising, i feel so lazy and scared the weight will shoot up. i want to exercise and I'm feeling like ahhhhh! i don't know if you'd be able to write on healthy coping mechanisms, how to deal with stress, anger, upset etc without starving, self harming or over exercising.

    i also struggle with how to stop calorie counting, equating my energy in, energy out, thinking about food all the time and how to fill the time in between snacks and meals so that I'm not thinking about food, weight, exercise nor agonising over what I've eaten or due to eat. how to be kind to self and self care. i struggle with this as i feel lazy and everyone else is working/studying and I'm just wasting away the days.

    also maybe how to deal with panic and anxiety. omg sorry this wasn't supposed to be this long please don't feel you have to answer this i suddenly had an attack of verbal diarrhoea sorry xxx

  8. Could you write about losing friends during anorexia? I've lost all of my friends apart from one and I was extremely unsociable and now I find it very hard to make friends because no one knows about my problems... and in my class everyone has already found many friends so no one really wants me :( they probably think I'm some weirdo girl...

  9. I would like to know what your favourite book is or what kind of books you like most (-:

    1. :):) Ive answered your question in a post this morning!!