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Sunday, September 27, 2015

About bloating

Bloating, a normal bodily function yet everyone seems to hate it.

If the world wasnt so obsessed with being skinny or having a perfectly flat stomach, then i dont think people would react as much to bloating. Of course some types of bloating are painful, your stomach feels tight and you dont feel so good in your stomach at all, its an uncomfortable feeling. But then there is also bloating which comes just from eating food, stress,hormones or consuming too much salt among other reasons. It is also important to note that generally you are more bloated in the evenings because you have eaten and drank throughout the day. So having a bloat or so called "food baby" by the end of the day is just normal.

Everyone bloats, it is as simple as that. Some people might bloat less and others more.But it is a normal thing that the body does.

The reason why you hate it - aside from the pain and cramps if those are involved - is because you look "bigger" and different.Your most likely obsessed with having a flat stomach so then when your stomach bloats you feel like your whole day is ruined, when in fact it isnt. You can still wear whatever you want to wear and do whatever you want to do. The bloating will pass but that doesnt mean you wont experience it again, you will. Throughout your whole life you will have times when you bloat. Sometimes you go a whole month without bloating and othertimes you are constantly bloated for 3 days. Dont panic if you wake up bloated either that will pass as well. I have times where i wake up bloated and sometimes i am bloated for a full 3 or 4 days and other times im not bloated at all.

The extreme bloating you might experience in recovery, that will also pass. But that can take a few weeks or months to pass and the best thing you can do is to eat regularly and give your body the energy it needs, that will help the bloating to pass as your body will feel safe.

Also remember, the problem is not your stomach, the problem is your head (unless you are bloating due to allergies or intolerances!)!

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Below you see my bloat from a few days ago.. this was around lunch time.

WHen i bloat i just put on loose jumpers to cover the bloat - as i usually wear tight tops/skirts etc so then its more comfortable to just let my stomach expand and bloat and cover it with a loose jumper!! :)

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  1. i always seem to have a baby belly and by evening it's rock solid and this stops me going out as i am so embarrassed and i always check my stomach 1st thing in morning to see how big i am and I'm always big then too. I'm finding it so so upsetting and all my clothes don't fit they are super tight round the middle and i still have loads of kgs to put on but I'm already a size 8/10 around the middle so scared I'm going to be obese i can't cope