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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

8pm and need to start packing my bag

Hello :)

Its 8pm here in Sweden and i still havent packed my bag.. not really anyway. I should be finished packing apart from the items which will be used tomorrow morning. But nope.. im still trying to figure out what to pack and what to wear tomorrow.... it wasnt until 4pm that i realised i hadnt even found my passport yet -_- I dont even know what i have done with my day today. I was at the gym, picked up a package, did some food shopping, coloured my hair... and thats about it. Also made myself a delicious dinner & dessert. Kind of feels like i have my life together when i make myself a proper dinner!!

Quorn meatballs, potatoe kroketter (?) (not a fan of potatoes, but these are ok anyway), vegetables, cottage cheese & for dessert, Lohilo ice cream and salted cashews!

This evening i thought it might be a good idea to actually look at the hotel we're going to stay at and to see where we are staying. Hahahah, not prepared at all. I am pretty much just "going with the flow" for this trip, usually i am more prepared than this. XD
I saw that i will have internet at the hotel, yay! So a little update each day anyway, and i have scheduled 2-3 posts for each day away. I have tried my best anyway, though i didnt get around to answering so many questions/topics. But i might try to do that when i get back :)

I am excited about my trip, but at the same time when energy levels are at -20 its hard to feel super excited or motivated, but i know it will be fun. It will be new and different which i need right now :)

On a sidenote, i was looking at Google maps to see where the hotel was and if there were any routes where i might be able to run in the mornings. I saw a little "park" but according to Google maps it was just a square patch of grass, not big at all... hahaha. Im bringing with me running gear, and then once we are there i will see whether i think the area feels safe/ok to run in the mornings or not. Hopefully, because it is the best way to start the day as well as being able to see so much more! But depends where we live and how i feel about the area. 
It would be nice to run there anyway... also i love saying i have run in all these different places :) 

Anyway, now i really need to try to get myself to pack my bag so that i dont end up unpacing my bag in Lisbon and realising i have no socks or no hairbrush or something!!


  1. I've tried to make a start on packing for Uni today and I keep taking stuff out my suitcase and putting stuff back in!! I have no idea what to pack!! Hahaha LOL :D
    ..I just know I'll end up taking far too much stuff with me!

    I hope you have a lovely trip Izzy, as you so deserve a relaxing rest. Xx

    1. We all deserve a relaxing rest. Haha

    2. hahah yeah im pretty sure i will pack too much as well, but i guess too much instead of too little is better :) Hope you have a good time at Uni, and yes... weall deserve some rest :):)

  2. Do you really need to go running even on holiday?

  3. Was also wondering about the running. Is it because you won't be able to go to the gym 6 days a week as usual that you're now choosing to run every morning whilst there? It seems sort of like you're very adamant on keeping your body toned muscular.

    1. If i can run i will, if i cant i wont. Exercise isnt me trying to shape my body, if that was what i wanted to do i would exercise differently. And for me getting up and doing something in the morning is what makes me feel best, it gives me energy and gets me going. I am not someone who stops with exercise just because i am on holiday, it is a part of my lifestyle something i do because i enjoy it. But if i cant or dont have time, then thats fine.

  4. There are some nice running "routes" in Lisbon :)
    You can find a path between Parque das Nações and Belém, always near the river, is really cool. My favourite! There are always a lot of people running in the riverside.
    On the other hand, you always have Monsanto, Lisbon's biggest park, with a lot of forest and paths to run.

    Besides, there are some other parks: Quinta das Conchas, Mata de Alvalade, Estácio Universitário.. Google these place to see if any of those are near your hotel ;)

    1. Ohh thank you so much for the tips. That is so see of you :) I might try running by the river I've heard that's supposed to be nice!!

    2. You welcome! Hope you have a great time in Lisbon :) maybe I see you running around, ahah.