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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Yesterdays baking session

It was a long time since I last had a baking session but yesterday I decided to whip out the mixer, mixing bowl and ingredients and see what I could make.  (With come complementary ingredients bought! )

The results were chocolate muffins, which turned out kind of dry. An oreo cheesecake (yet to try) and 2 sets of failed cookies. Even though I had to throw away 50% of the cookies as they got burnt/turned into crumbles, the other 50% could be eaten and all I say is yummm. I think I want my last meal to be homemade cookies!! Seriously the best thing ever and once you eat one,it's impossible to stop until you've eaten them all. Which was pretty much my case yesterday evening, haha. But homemade cookies are so good, I hate store bought cookies, they are never a craving of mine and just taste store bought. Just like with store bought bread, cake or buns.... as i am so used to baking my own,  that tastes so much better!

The reason I baked wasn't just because it's delicious and fun, but because my aunt is coming over today. So I thought it's nice to have something fresh and home made to serve!

This morning I headed to the gym and I can say, the cookies did their job! Lots of energy, if I wasn't on a time press to get home I could have been there even longer! Of course, you can eat cookies and cake even if you don't workout. The body will use the food to keep the body alive and functioning!! You can eat all food in moderation, too much of anything isn't good, doesn't matter whether it's water, celery, chocolate or pasta, too much isn't good. Balance is best!

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