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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yesterdays bad body image day and barbeque evening

Blog update from a tired girl!!! :)

Because of my recent stomach pain it has also lead to alot of bloating and water retention which is never fun for anyone and yesterday I felt like a balloon. And the mirror was my worst friend yesterday. When ever I have days like that I know it will pass, bloating is not permanent and the best thing I can do is to drink lots of water and avoid the mirror.  But enough about that, bad body images come and go and the best thing is to not let those feelings control you. So despite feeling unlike myself and not the most body confident I got myself ready and headed to my boyfriends work where we then went to his friends house for a barbeque evening. Alcohol, food, charcoal grill to keep everyone warm and a positive vibe made the hours pass by quickly. I didn't drink yesterday, as usual and what is so great is that all of his friends are so understanding about that, as well as my boyfriend. I often find that those who are younger don't understand when someone says they don't drink..m then there are loads of questions.  But when people are older they just accept it and offer you a non alcoholic beverage! I'll drink when I feel like it but 99% of the time I don't!! As mentioned the hours passed quickly and I really enjoyed myself even if I might not have been the most talkative person, considering I didn't know everyone there so well I guess that isn't so weird! But the evening was very enjoyable, one of those evenings where you just smile on the inside and enjoy life!!! On a side note I managed to burn myself on the grill and have a nasty burn on the back of my leg which isn't so pleasant. I don't know how I always manage to get cuts, bruises and burns everywhere I go and everything I do. Feel a bit like one of those ragdolls which just gets thrown around all the time. ... though it's just my own doing, I never really notice when I end up cutting myself or walking into something. I have a very high pain tolerance which is a good thing,  it would be very annoying otherwise, hahah!!!

This morning I woke up not feeling the most fresh. Only around 4-5 hours sleep last night, as we fell asleep by 1am and then I woke up at 5am and half slept until 7am when I decided I might as well get up and go to the gym. So now breakfast is eaten and I'm on my way to the gym!! And on an extra sidenote I dropped my phone and the whole screen cracked and it is raining like crazy, and all I had with me was shorts!!! Good start to the morning, hahaha.... atleast i can get out some irritation at the gym! Always find the positives. .... my mobile could have completely broken so atleast there is that!

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