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Sunday, August 23, 2015

When the day starts off in a negative way

Good morning :)

Today i definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Feeling terrible, mentally anyway. Wanting to pull the cover over my head and refuse to get up.... somehow starting this day just didnt seem pleasant. Everything seemed to go wrong this morning and by 11.30am i just wanted to crawl into a ball and hope that the day passes by quickly. Though i know that this type of thinking isnt productive or good, wishing away a day and feeling awful. Its time wasted on negative thinking and negative energy, so while i write this post i am trying to bring back some positivity into my head and thoughts.

Today might be one of those "Just trying to survive the day" without doing something stupid type of days. And that's ok...... Instead of surrounding myself with people, today i feel i need to be on my own. To write out my thoughts and focus on making next week a super great week. Not sure why i am feeling this way, but i guess it's hard to always be positive, and i still havent fully gotten back to my "usual self" from the past few weeks/months of being very low. But each time i realise that the negative thoughts arent helping me, then it's a step in the right direction. And i know that even if this morning might have been an awful one, i know i can still make the day better.

Below are some of my tips on how to start the day on a positive note, but also the same tips can be used on how to change a bad morning to a better day!

1) Drink lemon water/lots of water. It is good for your skin, your organs, your mind... just drink water :) Add some ice or berries to make it more fancy!

2) Wash your face (and hair if you want to). Trust me, something as simple as washing your face can make you feel a little better.

3) Clean your room if it's a mess.

4) Write down your thoughts/write down goals/write down a plan for the day.

5) Make your bed. Do it. When it's done it can make you feel better.

6) Leave the house. When i am feeling negative and low, such as today, one of the hardest things is to leave the house. And i have to force myself to take a walk or go to the gym, but once i am there i love it... it's just the action of putting on clothes and shoes and leaving the house which is the hardest. So call a friend and meet them, go for a walk, go do something you enjoy.... just leave the house even if its just for 10 minutes. Take your dog for a walk or drag your cat or hamsters out and play in the grass :) Or just sit on a bench outside somewhere, even if its cold, then maybe go somewhere else not outside, but outside of the house :)

7) Make a delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner (or all 3. Or a delicious snack). For me, when i am feeling low i can usually feel kind of "usch" on the inside. So then drinking lots of water and making a lunch/dinner/snack with lots of vegetables, fruit, egg etc makes me feel great on the inside, which then contributes to feeling better mentally as well. Compared to if i were to eat lots of quark, pasta and even chicken which can make me feel kind of heavy and sluggish. Though this is just me... for some, eating their favourite mac and cheese or cheese toasty is what will make them feel better, so do what is best for you :)

8) Drink herbal tea... just like with water. It helps :)


  1. I'm really sorry you are going through this, Izzy. I do know what this kind of thing feels like.
    I have to do a lot of work with paper and when I feel like that I often draw a heart at the top of each page, as a kind of reminder and practical way of expressing both the intention and the reality of loving what I am doing. I really hope your dark clouds will be lifted from you soon, though I do know that sometimes one has to wait ages. You're still there underneath, though, and your readers all think you are wonderful -- as I do too. I am much older than you, but your joy in life, your positivity and strength speak to any age. X

    1. Naaw thank you so much. That sounds like such a good idea with the heart :) it's a good way to focus on the positives!