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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wednesday - fro yo, dinner out and new Marabou flavour

Good morning :)
I am currently sitting with a cup of coffee beside me and my breakfast and getting some energy for the day!! It's Thursday and soon the weekend, that also means my 10km run on Sunday, though i dont have a starting time until 13 and i cant pick up my race kit until Saturday evening. Not lots of excitement about that race, i prefer big runs such as Nike, Colour run, Midnight run etc, but these smaller type of races are fun as well, they all have their charm!! But it is more fun when there are lights, cameras, action XD hahaha.

Yesterday I had a really nice day spent with my boyfriend. First we went to a shopping centre where we bought some gifts for his mum and i ate some fro yo (the toppings are best, right? All i wanted was chocolate, so no fruit or berries for me!) before we drove to his parents house.

Then we spent some time there before we drove to the restaurant to eat dinner. There wasn't much on the menu but it was a nice place anyway and the food was delicious! It was a really nice day, though after eating the fro yo i ended up getting an awful headache and stomach pain, so i just felt nauseous and faint for the next few hours, so i just felt zoned out for most of the time i was at his parents house and even during the dinner :/ But hopefully i didnt seem rude or anything, i did mention that i was feeling ill but did my best to act normal. Once i got back to my boyfriends place and got to rest i began to feel alot better again!! That type of faint of feeling, when you feel like you will faint each time you get up is the worst, but luckily it passed and i didnt pass out.

Anyway, it was a really nice day yesterday and i also bought myself the new Marabou flavour. I think it's new anyway, i havent seen it before :) And it is seriously delicious (yes... i ate chocolate as part of my breakfast XD) and i think it is in my Top 3 from the Marabou flavours anyway. My top 5 are:

Marabou Biscuit
Marabou white chocolate
Marabou new flavour (with sea salt)
Marabou fruit and nut
Marabou Japp

Though in all honesty, they are sooo good all of them :)


  1. Izzy I hope you're feeling good! Sending lots of love and extra immunesystem-super powers your way ;) you are great <3

  2. Hehe. Kvikk Lunch is one of the most known norwegian chocolate and have been sold in norway since 1937 (except during the war 1941 and 1949). its the typical norwegian 'hiking' chocolate. mostly eaten while cross country skiing during the easter holiday. :) ever tried it? the real one i mean?

    1. Yeah i've tried the real thing before (one of my friends is half norwegian!) but i prefer the marabou version, hahah!!

  3. Hmmm... looks really good! I have an issue on which I'd like your input. When entering into a relationship, did you have any body issues and horrible thoughts come back up? Because I am facing that now and I am having some severe anxiety as a result. I feel so vulnerable and open to judgement and like my controlled, private little world is being invaded and all I want to do is run. I just don't feel like I can be so physically close to someone without constantly being so much more aware of every aspect of my body and mind.

    1. Ive answered this in a post coming up today :)

  4. Totally with you on the chocolates girl- sometimes I feel as though I could live off of chocolate alone ;). Although I do have to say, European chocolates are SO much better than American chocolate. I have lived in and visited Europe many times and all of their chocolate brands are so much more delicious, not to mention higher quality! I hope you feel better soon dear <3!

    1. haha yes, me too!!! Why cant chocolate be classified as a vegetable? :)
      European chocolate is the best.... i dont like american chocolate at all, no offense ;) However if you ever want to do some type of food swap, let me know :) (Or you can add me on FB and we can talk there/email me). It is always fun to do, try new foods and sweets etc and even if american chocolate isnt the best, america has so many different types of brands and things which cant be found in sweden!