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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tips on how to finish a meal and move on

I was asked if I had any tips on how to finish a meal and move on. And I have a few tips and distractions because when I was restricting and eating gave me anxiety and guilt it was like i couldn't move on from my last meal because I had so much anxiety and guilt over what u had eaten and would sit and feel awful. But then when I went through my binging period I couldn't move on from my meal because I never felt satisfied,I still felt hungry, or mental hungry with cravings anyway. And I would sit and just want more food even though I knew I physically didn't need it, because it wasn't extreme hunger, it was actual binging.  So below are some tips and distractions on how to move on from your meal.

1) drink a glass of water/cup of tea or coffee etc after your meal. This is to signify that the meal is over. This tip is helpful if you struggle with binging and can't quite stop your meal, then you need some type of marker.

2) have something planned after a meal. If there is a certain meal time that gives you alot of anxiety or makes you more likely to binge then have something planned such as going for a walk, meeting a friend, doing something with your parents or your partner, going go a club etc this means that you are distracted and your thoughts shouldn't control/affect you as much.

3) Write,  draw, study, do sudoku or word crosses etc something which gets your thoughts on other things. It stops you from just thinking about food, whether it's guilt of because you mentally want more (though physically you know that you don't need more)

4) leave the house/don't be around food. If you see/smell food it is more likely to cause you guilt or make you crave more. So leaving the house and not being around food should get your thoughts on other things.

5) talk to a friend/family/partner after eating and if you can. Avoid talking about food, instead talk about other things. Your focus shouldn't be on what you just ate, but on other things.  On life.... studies, work, gossip (?? Only joking, don't spread gossip or rumors) etc

6) think rationally. Of course, this means thinking about what you ate which is basically the opposite of what you should do when you want to move on from your last meal. But basically think about how silly it is that you are feeling anxious or guilty. Think about how you ate a normal portion/portion your body needed and so you don't need to eat more. But also if you struggle with binging,if you go back for more will it trigger a binge and you can't stop eating? Isn't it better to try to satisfy yourself with the meal you just had and move on. And if you suffer with guilt or anxiety, realise that what you ate was energy,  fuel so you can live life. Nothing to feel anxious or guilty over, not even if it was a fear food or you ate more than normal. Instead, think you nourished your body and now it has energy which is positive.

7) the best tip really is distractions, have things to do. People to talk to or leave the house.  If you just sit around with absolutely nothing to do, then it's easier for your thoughts to control you. Of course you need to be strong enough to deal with the thoughts, not just run from them but having distractions is still a good idea.

I think it's important to note that there are times when your body does need more food.  When you do need to go back for more because you didn't eat enough or because your body needs more energy. But when it comes to binging and a mental craving type of hunger, then you can't listen to that. If you know that what you ate was a normal portion and would fill a normal person and you know that your next meal will be in a few hours then you don't need to go back for more just because your mind is trying to make you.

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