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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The midnight run 2015

Some might be wondering how my race/run went last night? Or maybe not, because this isn't a running blog... but i am going to write about it anyway :) I like to document my life on here and one day i will look back on this post and remember how it felt when i ran the race!! One of the things i love most is looking back on all my race photos.... the midnight run 2014, the colour run, the tunnel run, my half marathon, my 5km cross country races and all the other races i have run!! The pictures hold a whole story behind them and all my feelings... that's why i love pictures.

However, that was not my the topic of this post!! Even if it is just a 10km race i usually load up with something like chocolate or Ben and Jerrys. Not that it is necessary, i used to run 10km fasted several days a week no problem, and it still isn't a problem. But when it comes to races then there is so much nerves, waiting, stress beforehand and all that takes energy so to get that extra boost of energy i believe a little sugar kick is good. It works for me anyway, and that is what is important :) So with some ben and jerrys in my stomach i was ready to go.

I was there an hour early - so i had 40 minutes before i was going to be let into the gate. And so 2 bathroom breaks (i.e queue 10 minutes, go to the bathroom, wait a few minutes and then the pre caffeine and water intake mixed with nerves begin pressing on my bladder and it is just to stand in line again!! XD)

Then it was some warm up, the "runners vow" & a song before it was time to start running!!! As there were thousands of people running there were many times it got crowded and you had to slow down, a little irritating as its much harder to try to run slow than to run at yor normal pace. But it was just to do some type of obstacle sprint between people to get some more room. The race went quickly and there was a very good atmosphere the whole time - that is what i love about this race/run!! However the course had alot more hills than i remember XD But with quick feet and sort of jumping on my toes (that is the tactic i use) and it was easy to keep going up all the hills... all with the mantra of "it is soon over" haha XD

And finally i made it in with a time of 52.44. Considering how many people there were and how i had to slow down so many times i am happy with that time, of course it would have been nice to be under 50 minutes, but it is hard to do that if you arent one of the first groups where it is those who actually run all the time. But i know next time to take one of the starting groups :) Last year i ran it in 58minutes - though then the crowding was even worse and i had just about recovered from my sprained ankle, but improvement anyway :)

All in all, a really fun race/run!! If you enjoy running, then i do suggest you sign up for some runs... even if its 5km, it is alot of fun and you most often do alot better than when just out running on your own. You get carried away with the music, with the atmosphere and with all the other runners. You also know you have people infront of you and behind you... and when you see the finish line, then it is just to start sprinting with a smile on your face :) But one of the important things with all races is to pace yourself. There will always be people who sprint in the beginning only to lose all energy after 3km, but if you pace yourself and kick it up a notch as the course continues then you will pass so many people who get tired because they went to fast in the beginning!!!

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