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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Starting the day on a positive note

Good morning :)

One of the hardest things in the morning is to actually leave the house... i always feel like there is "One more thing i need to do". One more thing i  need to google, one more answer i need to give, one more email i need to reply to.... and suddenly 2 hours has passed and i realise i havent even left the house yet. But once i do eventually leave the house to take Daisy for a walk i realise just how much i love it. Getting a break from everything, reminds me that i should make more of an effort to go for morning walks. I dont see it so much as a workout, more of relaxatoin and therapy. Though of course it is exercise, but for me its not going for a walk to burn calories, but because it is such an awesome way to start my day!!

Todays plans aren't much, going to try get a few things done before i go to a friends house for dinner this evening  :) Not sure what is on the menu but i am hoping it is something good :) Today i am going to focus on letting go of yesterdays negativity, making today and this week a positive and good one.  Life is what you make it and i choose to make my life and my thoughts positive!! And with this positive start to the day as well as my delicious breakfast, and knowing i will meet my friends later, this day should be a good one. But its all about mental positivity as well.... the mind is a powerful thing and if you let it control you in negative ways then life will just feel terrible and grey, but if you try to take control to make your mind a more positive place, then life will feel more positive as well :) This is my outlook on life and my opinion anyway :)

(p.s i havent been posting so many food pictures lately... or doesnt feel like i have anyway. So yes or no to food pictures ?)


  1. I feel that positivity isn't as easy as just a black and white decision and automatically being that way because you decided so. Sure, practicing positivity is very important but to me personally, I don't think during a depressive period trying to get up and force myself to smile continuously and just tell myself I'm happy will make it so. On the contrary, it exhausts me more and I'm still breaking inside because depression and negativity is a warning sign from your brain telling you something in your life or health is not well and needs to be dealt with and it's more important to focus on what it is that's holding you back and making the necessary changes or getting medical help than sometimes to just walk around with a positive mindset which your heart doesn't believe. Just some thoughts...

    PS, I have been waiting quite some time now for an answer on an email I sent you. Feeling like my question was maybe just stupid or irrelevant??

    Take care X

    1. This is very true. I mean when you suffer from depression just smiling won't fix the problem. But I don't believe that just focusing on negativity and negative thoughts is going to make you feel better. That truing to focus on the positives or finding positives in each day can make you feel better. In the long term anyway.... Because if you just focus on the negatives then you will be stuck in that.

      At the moment I have roughly 55 emails in my inbox and because I have been feeling so low recently I haven't been answering emails. I think, if I can't help myself I can't help others. So I am sorry that I haven't answered your email yet, sometimes it takes longer than usual, but I need to focus on my own mental health when I am feeling low. I hope you understand. No question is stupid of irrelevant, but maybe you can find the answer on my blog or Google?

  2. I understand. Of course your mental health comes first. Do you think you might be happier when you're more certain of your future and have a stable job/study course? I know last year when I got mentally ill and had to take a year of leave from university my depression only worsened as my days all felt pointless and uncertain. We all need a clear sense of purpose and to be working at something for our future to have a sense of fulfillment and happiness. It's what we were created for and I think when things are still in a phase of uncertainty it's only natural to feel low.
    Also, on a sidenote, I read up on BCAAs as I started using them a while ago and noticed my depression going out of control again and so read up on the effects of BCAAs and found that they do in fact lower serotonin levels as that's what in part prevents muscle breakdown after exercise and so for people with depression they might not be such a great idea. Not that I'm saying this applies to you as well, but just thought it's worth considering.

    Stay strong Izzy,
    You'll be okay. Xx

  3. Hi Izzy i love your positive quotes they lift me up so keep posting your motivational messages. I also love your food pics it really helps me as it gives me inspiration. Your food always looks so good! is that muesli? I really want to be able to have food like this. I have started to introduce nuts and seeds which is a major fear of mine but I've wanted to have them in my diet for so long so seeing what you eat has really helped me to pluck up the courage. can i ask do you eat everything that you lay out or do you just pick at the nuts say. I'm only asking as I'm struggling with portion sizes and knowing what is a normal amount to have. This is gonna sound really stupid but when i was in hospital they restricted my fruit and veg and now i am struggling to know what a normal amount is. i love fruit and veg but now they've made this a fear too and i feel so restricted and i hate it as i would really like more and feel guilty now too. can you help? Also never feel guilty for not emailing or replying your health comes first don't forget that xxx

  4. Hey you :)
    I just wanted to make a quick comment to express my opinion. I have noticed you are hesitant about posting certain stuff like food pictures etc, in case it might trigger some people. And i understand that. But I just want you to keep in mind that this is intact YOUr blog and YOUR space :) you can post whatever the heck you want, without worrying about how other people might take it. You are not responsible for anyone other than yourself. I think you should use this blog in any way you want to, and it seems to me that you enjoy keeping it as your diary :) and then you should do just that and post whatever you feel like.I use instagram as my diary. I love looking back on pictures I posted years ago. I do keep in mind that other people can see my posts, but I dont let it stop me from posting whatever I feel like. :)
    Also, I see that some people ask you on instagram etc if it is "okay that I dont do this and that" when it comes to workouts and such. Please dont feel like you have to reply to those comments. I think the persons making those comments and those reading them knows that the problem diggs a little bit deeper and that professional help is needed. I feel like it might put you in a rough spot, as i know you want to help everyone, but it is not your responsibility to help others with stuff like that. you can always share experiences and thoughts, and you are amazing at that, but what I am trying to say is that I hope you dont feel like it is your responsibility to give advice if you feel like it is kind of 'out of your hands', when someone might need professional help instead. i thought i might just say all of this because i can imagine it being stressful to be in your position sometimes, trying to help everyone while living your own life too. So to sum up "live your own life, post whatever you want to, help when and who you want to and leave somethings to the professionals, try not to stress and be happy!" :)

  5. Yes to food pictures!! I love seeing your food pictures!