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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spontaneous decisions and making the best of the day

Finally back home after the hours passing by far too quickly.
 Though i managed to get 8/10 things done today, so i am pleased about that :) I also did something kind of spontaneous, though not really... because it has been on my mind for the past months, infact its been on my mind for a year or more. You might know what i am talking about, but otherwise you will have to wait until next week :) Not going to write what it is, incase my sister reads my blog XD haha. Not even sure if i will write about it here (though i am pretty sure i will) but i am going to try to keep it a secret - something for myself - for as long as i can. Sounds very mysterious, right? Not really. Not if you have read my blog the past few months anyway! XD (If you know, dont comment and say what.)

Onto other things... i found 100kr (= 10euro) on the street today. Yayy. Guess what i did with that money? I bought questbars. hahaha. Finally the new mint flavour can be bought in Sweden and when i came home i made some quest cookies with the mint flavour and it tasted amazing!! A bowl of casein on the side (topped the cookies with casein = foodporn) & coffee with coffee creamer (It was 2 for 1 at the store so decided to try it, and no i am not using it to "eat less/get less calories" i am trying it because i love to try new foods. Especially when it comes to thinks like energy drinks, protein bars, chocolate, waldensfarm sauces etc etc). The sauces/dressings may be calorie free but they are chemical shit storms and in all honesty, you might as well go for the real thing. But i cant hate on them until i try them ;)

(P.s can add that the french vanilla creamer was no highlight... weird tasting -_-' hahah)

While i was in town i also bought new insoles which will hopefully keep me from ruining my feet and getting injuries as well as making running easier. The reason i havent run so much is that the running shoes i bought dont have the support my feet need, so my knees and calves have taken alot of beating (or what i should call it ;)). I also picked up my race packet/starter.... YAY. Only 3 days to go :)

(My room is a mess ;))

The top is a S, but it's still too big. It's always hard with race tops and what size too choose... but i guess too big is betrter than too small :) Last year size S was almost a little too small XD

Now it's time to rush out the door and go to the "kräftskiva" with my friends :)

Have an awesome day everyone!!!


  1. Good luck on you run! :)
    You liked the new qustbar flavor? I ordered two packs from their website when it first came out, but I've only eaten two of them. I really didn't like it. i like all the other flavors, but the mint and peanut butter one i do not like :/

    1. I thought the mint one was delicious :) but I am always apprehensive in the beginning and want to try the flavour once before I buy a box just incase... The peanut butter one is nice if you warm it up :) maybe you can try experimenting with the bars you have? You might like them warm, or make them as cookies or cheesecakes or something :)

    2. I've been eating them for years (since they came out in the US) and done absolutely everything possible with every flavor. Bake, microwave, over a bonfire when camping, in brownies, in ice cream. You name it, i've done it ;)

  2. ^^ I also want to know how you enjoyed the flavors! S'mores is my favorite, and even though I hate the combination of mint and chocolate I loved the quest flavor!

    1. I thought it was really nice :) I'm going to wrote a post about the flavour! And the smores one is delicious as well! !

  3. Hmm I think I know! Nonetheless it'd be wonderful if you shared the secret with us! :D

    1. Haha ,I am pretty sure I will share if everything goes to plan!

  4. Hehe... I suspect it's something with a "T" ?!? ;)

  5. You look great in the running gear :) Good luck with the race!

    This post reminded me that a while ago I wished for a post about artificial sweeteners. Should we use them? Are they bad for you? Like these waldenfarms products are just artificial and zero calories... Where does that stuff go in our bodies if it´s not used as energy?
    Whenever you have time :)

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! This is a great post idea and question, so I will try answer this today or tomorrow :)

  6. Hehe... I suspect it's something with a "T" ?!? ;)