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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sleeping away the day

Today has been a day spent in bed and sleeping for the most part. Despite still having stomach pain after breakfast i decided to head into town to meet my friends anyway, however shortly after arriving and the pain getting worse and worse i realised that there was no way i could stand on my own two feet without fainting or throwing up. So ended up taking a train home again with the pain getting worse and worse.
  Once i got home i took a painkiller, lay in bed and ended up half sleeping for the next 5-6 hours. Pain and discomfort, nausea, feeling really hot and then really cold and just the thought of food made me feel queasy.

Now when i am feeling a little more alive and the pain has died down a little, though my whole body aches. Bones, muscles and joints ache making it uncomfortable to do anything, so just spending the rest of the day in bed. As i havent managed to eat anything today my mum went to the store to get some snacks which i can atleast try to eat, so i've managed to get some food into me and managed to keep it down as well which is good. I've had the stomach pain since about Thursday but today it was alot worse. Don't know what it could be, at first i thought it was something in my diet (which i wrote about today) as the pain got worse each time i ate, but it could be something else such as my pancreas (which doesnt excrete the enzymes my body needs to break down food) so it could be something like that... or maybe it's nothing serious at all. I don't really know, but it will just be rest tomorrow and then on Monday i have a doctors appointment so if i still have pain maybe i can get some answers then. But i hope the pain passes because it is awful when my mind is telling me i need to eat and my mind wants food but my body strongly says no. Oh well, small sips of water and small bits of food when i can manage it :)

Not the most exciting post update, but i will be back when i feel better and have more energy to post :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I’m sorry to hear you’re nauseous! Be kind to your body. <3

  2. Praying for your speedy recovery! I know how much stomachaches SUCK, they literally make you want to curl up into a ball and want to never wake up. However I am glad to see you got to have some awesome snacks! That snickers looks amazing :D!

  3. Hope you're okay Izzy! Love and hugs. ♡