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Friday, August 7, 2015

Running is my form of freedom

Running, one of the things i love most in life. Well not just running, i love walking, strength training, boxing, climbing and just being active. But when it comes to running, there is a special form of freedom with it.  It feels like you are flying, your thoughts begin to clear and things don't seem so hard anymore. Life feels that bit easier as my feet and legs carry me forwards. Even if running is tough and times when i can barely manage 1km it is still something that gives me so much joy and happiness. I love running in nature, seeing new things and feeling myself move forward. When stuck on a treadmill you just see the same thing all the time, but when running outside you need to be aware of your surroundings, jump over things, battle against the tiredness during upphills and feel the "rest" when running down hills. You need to run corners and can find new routes to run and the amount of strange things you find lying around or things you see while out running is just part of the fun!!

If you can't tell from my post..... i started my day with a run this morning!! The sun was shining and it was around 20 degrees making the run super warm and sweaty. Not used to the "warmth" (and i know in some countries 20 degrees is cold, but here in the nordic countries, thats warm!) I had forgotten my headphones at home (which was a disappointment as i had found a new album which i love and all i want to do is play that album on repeat!!!) but running without music is good as well. Its easier to think and you dont need music to motivate you or to keep going, instead you listen to the birds and surroundings! It was actually kind of a relief to not have music playing either because yesterday i read about a 21 year old girl who was found dead close to a jogging route where she was running. (and she went running around 6.30pm according to the news) and that isn't even so late. Apparently there had been other things that had happened at that jogging route so maybe it wasn't the safest, but i dont know if that makes it worse or not.... i mean people should be safe to go out running. It's not like she was out running at 11pm or 3am... it is still bright out around 6pm, not like in winter when it gets dark by 3 or 4pm. I feel very sorry for the girl's family but i find it awful how so many people feel very unsafe going out running now. I myself felt a little weird when out running today, each time a car passed (as there are rarely cars where i run) i felt myself tense a little bit, ready to run alot faster if necessary. I've gone running in the early mornings and late evenings before and it always adds a bit of anxiety, worried about who is out there and whether i will be attacked or not. That's not how it should be.... people shouldnt feel unsafe when out running. I have read far too many stories about girls being attacked, raped and murdered while out running.... and the only thing we are told is to "Not go out running in the evening." "Not run with music" "not run alone"...... though it feels strange, because people should feel safe enough to go running outside, but apparently that is not the case. I mean in some countries/areas there is not a chance you can run outside without something strange happening, and that makes me a little sad.

Anyway, not really sure why i wrote that.... it was on my mind and as i run outside alot and like to run early in the morning as well as running new routes often, it adds a bit of anxiety and fear, but i am not going to let that stop me.  Need to think of the positives :):)

Sorry for this post, it was just some thoughts i had!!! Now time for breakfast and then home again (am at my boyfriends) to keep fixing my room :)

P.s if you want to see part of my run add me on snapchat: izzy-m1

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