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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pre race nerves & Ben and Jerry's

Pre race nerves as always!! And the worst part with the midnight run is that you have to wait the whole day to actually run... i am a morning person and much prefer morning runs. A 6am run before a 10pm run anyday. But this is part of the fun as well, running in the streets of stockholm at night!!

Today i have spent the day resting with copious amounts of coffee (mixed with milk, vanilla coffee flavouring & stevia drops. OMG it is delicious... 3 cups today XD hahaha). I also went to the gym to do some foam rolling and stretching, also a little shoulder workout so as to not feel completely restless today. But still, i have just waited for the day to pass!! Its now 8.15pm and after eating 3/4 of a Ben and Jerrys i am high on sugar and caffeine and feeling like a duracell bunny. Though i dont start running until 10pm, so hopefully the energy hasnt worn off. Though i can atleast hope that the ill stomach feeling has passed anyway... haha.

Feeling nervous and excited, can't wait to just begin running because once i do it is so much fun, even if times there is the "omg i want to die" feeling... but thats part of it, right? haha XD I am going to try snapchat as much as i can - in the  beginning anyway, maybe part of the run if i remember, so follow me there :)

And have an awesome evening everyone :) Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Good luck Izzy! Also, what is foam rolling?! I've been wondering for ages haha x

    1. Thank you :) ive answered your question in a post today!

  2. I hope you had loads of fun with the race!! I also prefer mornings but there's always something exciting about running through the night... everything looks so different, sort of like dream ? I always wondered, how do you usually get hooked up to this sort of events ? Is it upon registration or something ? Cheers, Carine.
    PS: Also found this cynical article about orthorexia with a satirical tone so appropriate to the topic:

    1. Thank you!! I had a lot of fun. Running in the night is a bit like a dream, it feels surreal to run through the streets of Stockholm as you run on roads where cars are usually driving!! Yeah you register yourself to the run,there is usually a certain amount of people who are allowed to run so you usually have to be quick ti register yourself and also to pick a starting group!

      I haven't read the article yet, but I will once I get a chance :)

  3. Hi!

    I have an important question!(pls answer if you can:D)
    In older posts you said that you have a normal fat procent. Even so you have ripped abs. How can you do it? How does is works?
    And an extra question: If your muscle procent is growing, your body fat will decrease? Or it is not dependent?
    Thank you for the answerXXX

    1. I hope for the answers to this aswell! :)

    2. I've answered this in a post today :)