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'Dont let the sadness of your past & the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present'

My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

New week

Good Morning!!
   Its a new week and this week i have alot to look forward to! The midnight run, 3 years declared healthy, a job meeting, picking up packages and just focusing on getting back to my old self. And i feel that i am on the right path by being out here on the island. Its very relaxing and i have time to think, even if too much thinking leads to anxiety at some times and i get this knot in my stomach which doesnt seem to want to untangle, but then it passes and I move on. 

This week i am going to focus on happiness and positivity, make this week a great week :) 

My goals for this week are:
Do my best at
To pick up my race kit for the midnight run
Buy insoles for my running shoes
Say 3 nice things about myself everyday
Think positive/change negative thoughts
Try to open up and talk when i feel down
Do my best at the job meeting
Try to find the new Ben and Jerrys flavours (Need to celebrate my 3 years healthy with some B&J (Though you dont need a special reason to eat ice cream... its just that it is expensive and i prioritize other food, such as watermelon before B&J...))

Do you have any goals for this week? :) 
Join in with the positive thinking and saying 3 nice things about yourself each day :) Focus on bringing yourself up, making yourself feel good and stronger. Not bringing yourself down and feeling worse. Focus on happiness!!!

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