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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My own dream catcher

Today was the day I've been waiting for. And not one regret at all.... no regrets during the week I've waited for today. No regrets during the 90 minutes I waited to go under the needle. No regrets under the 90+ minutes it took to make the tattoo. No regrets afterwards.... infact each time I've thought about what u was going to do today I've smiled. Last night I could barely sleep I was so excited!!! Even during the time the tattoo was being done I felt happy, smiling on the inside even if it hurt at times. Hahha.  I've been kind of secretive about this because I haven't told my mum or sister and my sister reads my blog sometimes. I've wanted to do this tattoo for a long time and it was for me... but my mum and sister don't approve and well, I didn't want to hear their disapproving comments. Of course if my sister reads my blog I will be getting an angry call sometime soon, haha. But I will tell and show them eventually. ... I mean I usually go around in just a sports bra at home so hard to not hide the tattoo!!!

My initial thought was to have it on my back but then i thought my  back my change and grow due to strength training and I want to be able to hide the tattoo so I decided to have it on my ribs instead. Then I can hide it when necessary :) I am so happy with my tattoo, it was even better than I had imagined and I am very thankful to the tattoo artist, he was super good :) (Erik lööf, Stockholm classic )

I knew that it could hurt a lot to get the tattoo done on the ribs as it's such thin skin but I didn't really care. I have a high pain tolerance so it went ok, even if at times I had to bite my lip, squeeze the table hard and keep from making a sound. But I guess I can understand if people scream or cry when getting a tattoo,  but in all honesty. .. If you are very sensitive to pain or needles then get a henna tattoo or a very small tattoo, don't get a bigger one because you will put yourself through too much pain,  most likely. For me, it hurt a bit but it was so worth it. I don't regret it at all.... at the moment it feels mostly numb. I don't have a picture of the final thing as it's wrapped in plastic now, but tomorrow I will post a picture of it :) it is so beautiful :) though no tanning,  swimming or anything that will rub against the tattoo for the next week or so. No running for a few days either as that will rub the tattoo.  Anyway, now I need to eat something, preferably chocolate because I am craving carbs and sugar as way too little has been consumed today.

(The tattoo has colour as well, but you will see tomorrow :) )


  1. Great! You're such an inspiration!

  2. wow! that is so amazing!! i adore it <3 :D so happy for you

  3. beautiful! what is the meaning behind it? <3

  4. You're very brave!! It must've taken so long though to get such a big tattoo done. But it suits you very well. :):)

  5. Congratulations! Although I can't help but to imagine all the possible expressions you could be having at that last picture now.. Deepest apologies for my vivid night imagination!
    - Katriina

  6. I knew it was about that the other day!!! Mouahaha. It looks awesome though. And I really approve the place, it's also where I'd like to get mine done. Respect. If you want something new, try chili chocolate fudge, they are Da. Bomb. - Carine.

  7. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Are you going to do another tattoo?

  8. omg you're so brave can't wait to see it in full colour. how long did it take to do? x

  9. I knew:)
    Does your boyfriend have any tattoos and what does he think about your tattoos? Do you want more tattoos?

  10. My god, you have made me want another tattoo so bad! GAH. Damn it! Yours looks amazing!