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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday morning and 4 hours of sleep

Good morning :)

It's Monday morning and i have woken up feeling alot better than recent days. Infact, a whole lot better! No stomach pain at all, or well.... there is some weird feeling but it's not so noticable, not at all like the past few days, so whatever was happening inside of my body... i have no idea what it was. Though today i have a doctors appointment - to get the result of all those tests i did a few weeks ago as well as meeting some other specialists and blood tests etc etc, the usual really. So i have to be there at 7.30am, so had to wake up at 5am after only 4 hours of sleep.

After doing absaloutly nothing yesterday, not even leaving the house - which isn't usual for me, it was hard to sleep with so much energy inside of me. But i am not feeling that tired today anyway, all i really need to do is sit on a train to the hospital, do some talking, have some blood tests taken, drink a few cups of extra coffee and then see whether i head into town (got a few things to do) or head home again. No work out today either as i want to make sure i am feeling "fit for fight" and going to eat lots today to regain my energy and strength and then hopefully back at it tomorrow. A few days rest is only a positive thing anyway!

It's Monday and a new week, so going to make this a good week :) Focus on positives and enjoy each day!!! Make sure you do the same thing :)

Now i'm going to continue drinking coffee and get ready!


  1. I don't know how you do it Izzy, but I would NOT be able to function off of 4 hours of sleep! I definitely need at least 7 XD. Do you feel tired/fatigued during the day? I dont drink coffee/energy drinks so I don't know how those would help me, but how long do you prefer to sleep if you had the choice?

    1. haha i spent the whole of saturday and sunday just sleeing so i guess i was rested. Havent felt tired today at all :) And havent had any excess caffeine either :) If you arent used to caffeine then i am sure one energy drink, or half an energy drink would do the trick :) But for me when i am tired i need like 3 cups of coffee, but i have functioned like a normal person today despite the little sleep. 8-9 hours is optimal for me, but lately it has just been 4-6 hours because of sleeping problems... apart from now, when i have had such stomach pain that i havent had anything else to do than just lie in bed :) But i wouldnt recommend so little hours of sleep, it is not healthy in the long term.