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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Middle of the week - errands to run

Not sure if i start off this post with good morning or good afternoon... considering that i am writing this post at 10.50am and woke up around 40 minutes ago, it is morning for me. But it#s a scheduled post, so it will be afternoon.... for me anyway when this is posted :) Might be morning or night where you are :)

At the moment i am trying to figure out whether i am actually tired or not... i slept around 12 hours, which is the longest i have slept since May or maybe even earlier than that. But it felt good to sleep so long, even if i felt slightly disorientated when i realised that by 10am i have usually done a whole bunch of things, and all i have done is slept today. But sleep is very important and i have the whole day infront of me to get things done.

First up is a workout and then running around town and having lots of things to do.  Then home again to eat lunch, if i havent eaten lunch out in town (Most likely!), fix some things online (A question to you all.... if i were to make a FB page for my blog, would you follow it? And what would you want me to post on there?... Apart from posting when blogposts are up etc) and then this evening i am going to a "dinner party" or a so called "Kräftskiva"(where you eat crayfish among other foods... During several weeks the crayfish are "in season" and are allowed to be caught so then many Swedes have the kräftskiva and eat crayfish, drink shots/alcohol and have a good time. Sort of similar to Midsummer... it feels like more of a reason to drink alcochol and get drunk and it being "socialy acceptable". Though thats my opinion, doesn't mean its true). I dont like crayfish, infact fish and other meat is starting to turn me off a little. It doesnt feel so appealing to eat anymore, so i am going to stick to pie and bread this evening! But i am there for my friends and a good time, not the alcohol or crayfish. Hhahaah.

Now i am going to get ready and leave before time runs away too quickly and i dont have time to get anything done :)
  I hope you all have a lovely day!!!

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