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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meanings behind my tattoo's

For those of you following my blog for a long time you already know the meaning of my first 2 tattoos, and it isn't hard to guess the meaning of my third one. But for new followers or those who don't know,  here is the meaning of my tattoos:

My first one: Just breathe at the back of my neck (done in 2012).

Symbolises my cystic fibrosis. It is the type of "slogan" uses for CF. But it is also a reminder for myself that as long as I breathe and have breath I can keep going.  It symbolises my suicide attempts and depression,  how even at the darkest of times I still had breath. I still kept breathing and kept going. Whenever i feel panicked or get anxiety i remind myself to "just breathe" and it helps alot. Because sometimes that is all you can do. It is also connected with my running, because then you need to breathe and  because of my CF it makes it harder to breathe, but I still keep going :)

My second tattoo: Freedom on my right forearm. (Done 2013)

Symbolises my past with eating disorders and mental illness. My freedom from those things, but also running. Running is my freedom. This tattoo means a lot to me as I see it everyday and I still smile when I see it. I am someone who needs my freedom and to not feel restrained, whenever I feel my freedom is taken away from me... like I have no choice I can feel panicked. I always want and need a  choice. Feeling like I have to do something or go somewhere/do something without my will is one of the worst things I know. If I begin to feel trapped or like my freedom is taken away from me I can get angry and begin to back away, isolate myself. Of course somethings you need to do which aren't always fun.  But I still see that as a choice,that I have a choice to say no and do the opposite. And that is what I need in my life. Apparently this is a typical thing for people who have the stars in Sagittarius,  but because my freedom was taken away from me for most of my childhood now in my adulthood I need it even more.

My third tattoo: dream catcher on my left rib cage (done 2015).

This symbolises positive thoughts, goals and dreams. Most people believe that the dream catcher catches negative dreams, but I actually believe the opposite. I believe that it catches the positive dreams and goals and let's the negative ones out of the small middle hole. Might sound strange, but for me it meas that my dream catcher reminds me of my positive thoughts, goals and dreams. It takes the negative ones away from my body and mind. I can't deny that this one was due to it being so pretty as well, but it also has a very strong meaning behind it as well.

I love all my 3 tattoos and before doing them all I have thought about it alot for a year or more. I wouldn't do a tattoo just because. ... I believe that it is those you come to regret. I have been certain where I want the tattoo and how it will look. Nothing has been able to change my mind because I've known that I want it. If you are doubting where to have the tattoo or how it should look..... wait. Don't do a rash tattoo because I am sure you will come to regret it. Instead, be certain. Know where you want it and think about that for a month. Think about how you want it and where you want it..... then visualise that it is there everyday for a month.  Do you get excited about that idea or after 2 weeks begin to think... "nah,  maybe not". Tattoos are cool, and I don't think they are so painful, a little depending where you get it. But it was worth it for me.
Have a meaning behind your tattoo, don't do it spontaneously or rashly and then you should be fine :)


  1. I love your tattoos! A lot of people scoff at my tattoos, but they don't fully understand or appreciate the meaning behind them. They are a lot more personal than they appear :) I'm thinking about getting a third one done, too. I want something based on this story:

  2. I think all body modifications should be carefully thought through. I'm planning to get a tattoo, but now I'm only allowed to get piercings which I love! You can change the rings and bars, which gives you more options than tattoos. Both are cool though :) And everyone always asks "did it hurt to get it done?" haha and my reply is always "not at all, you just feel a pinch for a second" XD which is true.
    Do you think you will get another one?
    Sending you hugs <3
    By the way, are you watching the athletic world championships? Sweden is competing too ;)