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Monday, August 31, 2015

Losing weight after an eating disorder & how much exercise is healthy - Answer

I was just wondering if you could write or had any information on whether recovered anorexics' bodies or metabolisms are different from normal people. For example, even though I am a restored weight and eat around 2300 calories a day and don't exercise lots I find that if I don't eat for a few hours my body goes crazy and I get SO hungry, whereas I never felt this extreme hunger before my ED. 

I think it is more that your body is used to getting regular meal times and food. Your body has adapted so then when you don't eat at your normal times your body doesnt know what is happening. I am the same way, and i think many who eat at certain times and have a regular food intake feel the same way. Now whenever i dont eat at roughly the same time, or if i dont get time to eat an afternoon snack and just have to buy something "On the go" i can feel really hungry and feel dizzy, tired, hangry. The body might be more sensitive about not getting food as it went through such a rough period when you were starving yourself, so then when it doesnt get food it gives you stronger signals that food is needed. But i think its more that your body is used to getting food at a certain time.

Also, I was wondering if there were any suggestions for loosing weight after an ED. Obviously this is a very sensitive topic, but I now have a BMI of 19.5 and I am not happy with my body and I was just wondering whether I would be damaging my body further by trying to loose a couple of lbs. I know that my BMI is quite low still, but the way the weight is on my body (mainly in my legs and bum), I don't like it. I guess what I'm trying to say is a recovered ED's body and metabolism different from a 'normal' person's body and metabolism forever?Thank you so much, and you are a wonderful person who deserves happiness! xxx

I dont think this type of mindset is very healthy, not after an eating disorder. Losing weight isnt going to make you happier or make you happier with your legs and bum. Self love and happiness comes from the inside and something you need to work on. You are also at a low weight so by losing just a little could put you on the underweight side, but also from your comment it sounds like you havent been your healthy weight for so long? I could be wrong, but self love takes time. I hated my legs after i reached my goal weight, i struggled alot with liking them and it took almost 2 years to accept them and like them for how they looked but also like them because they worked. What they could do, and not just how they looked. Instead of focusing on changing your body and trying to lose weight, give self love a chance. If your body naturally holds more weight on your legs and bum, then accept that. That is how your body is designed and that isnt going to change no matter how much weight you lose or gain. Forget weight, forget the scale, instead focus on self love from the inside. Say 3 positive things about yourself each morning and evening, try to love yourself for other reasons than your body. Dont let your body be your identity, but be thankful for what your body can do.

I know this might not be the answer you want to hear, but i dont think that losing weight is a good idea. You can always  doing exercise (a form that you enjoy) as that helps release endorphins and can help with self love. It can make you thankful for your body and what it can do, and seeing and feeling progress (such as getting better at the form of exercise) is always fun. 

How much activity do you think one should do after recovered - apart from exercise I mean. Some walk 10 km a day, others 4 km. Some bike to their work place, ie 15-30 km x2. Like how much is too little, how much is too much? Speaking of keeping a healthy body by not being inactive.

When i first answered your question in the comments section i dont think i actually answered your question, haha? I think i went off on some tangent. But anyway.... daily exercise such as taking the stairs, walking a station etc are just normal things which are recommended if you are allowed to move your body. And then if someone enjoys biking to work then there is nothing wrong with that. I am someone who usually walks to the gym or used to walk to school in the morning as it was just 20 minutes away, that was something i enjoyed. But then when it rained, i was too tired or didnt have the time, then i wouldnt walk. Somedays i do alot of walking everywhere and other days i do barely any walking, it all depends what i am doing. But it balances itself out.

The important thing is to realise that biking or walking to work/school etc is still exercise. If you do 90 minutes exercise everyday as well as 60 minutes total of biking/walking places then you are suddenly up to alot of burned calories and it is important to eat back those calories. Not just think... ohh biking to work isnt exercise i dont need to eat more. But actually, you should.

Having daily movement - when you are allowed and physically able - is a good idea. But doing 10km walks everyday, or feeling compelled/obsessed with walking everywhere or biking everywhere is not healthy. Then it takes exercise as something good to something obsessive. Unfortunately i get many mails from people who tell me that they walk 60 minutes to get places, walk all day everyday, or bike everywhere because they are so scared of resting. And that takes "daily/normal" exercise which people see as good to something unhealthy and obsessive which can lead to injuries and exhaustion. 

With daily exercise - apart from workouts - it all depends. Sometimes i take the stairs, sometimes i take the escalotor. Sometimes i walk everywhere, sometimes i just sit in public transport everywhere. Sometimes i do things at home and sometimes i just lie in bed all the time while at home. It all depends on the day and the energy levels. Too much or too little is very individual. Exercise and health is individual so its hard to answer. You need to find what suits you, forget what others are doing. But also be honest about your behaviour when it comes to exercise, because being trapped in an exercise addiction is not fun and it is a hell to get out of. 


  1. Thank you, Izzy. It wasn't me who asked the middle question but I was really glad of the answer, which voices the voice of health.

  2. I have to agree that I similarly love your answer Izzy to the second question! :) x

  3. Hello Izzy, can I ask a question? Don't worry if you're busy :) What do you recommend to girls whose period is meant to return? I'm a restored weight now, but dread the return of it. Do you have any tips/ advice? I know it's a technically good sign but it still seems nasty to me. I'd be grateful if you could answer this, but no pressure. Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you so much for your answers Izzy! You're right, I haven't been at my 'healthy' weight for too long (merely a month or so), so I guess it's about accepting my body now. I really appreciate your honesty and taking the time to answer my questions xxx