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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's a thin line between food obsessed and just liking food

Food obsession is not normal or healthy.

However there is a very fine line between food obsession and just enjoying/liking food. And usually it's just the person themselves who will eventually tell the difference within themselves. Even if they might not know the difference at first.
Food obsession is when basically 98% of your thoughts are food related. Constantly think about what yiu eat, what others eat. You go into stores and just look at food, you go online and just look at the nutrional  value of food. You collect recipes, you screenshot lots of food.  You follow lots of food accounts, you have pinterests and tumblr dedicated to food. You share everythinv you eat. Ask others what they are eating. You  compare food. You are obsessed with other people's food diaries and you constantly think about what you will eat later. What you can or can't eat.
Your life basically revolves around food.

However as food is something delicious as well as it being something very social and now a days food photos, recipes, food blogs, food instagrams etc can be found everywhere, its hard to not have some form of food focus. Collecting recipes or enjoying food shopping or even following a few food tumblr/pinterests or posting some meals online, that is NOT food obsession. However, like mentioned in the beginning usually its only the person themselves who can tell the difference. Because its their mindset, their thoughts. Enjoying food, liking food or wanting to make your food look good or enjoying baking or cooking. That is not food obsession, but if you spend your whole day thinking about what to cook or what to bake, what to eat and when. Thinking about food you wish you could eat, or you craving something but absaloutly not allowing yourself to eat it... that can be signs of an unhealthy relationship with food.

Its ok to enjoy food, that is part of life. Food is energy, it is fuel. It is also a social thing where you often eat when you meet friends or family etc I also dont see the problem in wanting to post a few meals online, i do it myself. But keeping some form of online food diary? Unless it is someway to keep you accountable, to make sure that you eat ENOUGH or what your body needs (i.e more or less) then i dont think its a good idea. I mean, people dont need to see every meal you eat. 

Its important to evaluate your own relationship to food. Is it obsessive? Do you spend too much time thinking about food? Remember that friends, hobbies, interests, studies, work etc all of that counts as well. Eating is what gives you fuel, so that you can live life but if all you think about is what you are going to eat, or you spend all your time online comparing food, looking at food etc it might not be a healty relationship. But of course there are always exceptions, because sometimes you need  inspiration for food and then looking at food pictures can be a good way to do that. But it is very individual, how the individual thinks... and that is why it is important to evaluate yourself. Do you need to distance yourself from food accounts? Stop comparing your food to others. Stop collecting recipes and stop constantly thinking about food? Or do you think your relationship to food is balanced, and so nothing needs to change. That is up to you to determine, and i think that personally.... you will be able to tell the difference inside. 

This is my opinon on the matter, what is YOUR opinion on this?


  1. Totally agree. Do you have a way of drawing a line when you get to the end of a meal, stopping and moving on mentally to the next thing?

    1. What helps for me is after dinner watch some TV, play card games or just talk. That way I don't even have time to think about food. After breakfast it is usually getting ready for school so no time for food thoughts ;) and after lunch I try to meet friends, study for school or do some Sudokus (those really help me take my mind off food thoughts) I hope I answered what you asked xD

    2. Ive answered your question in a post coming up today, I hope that helps :)

  2. I think a lot about food, but not all the time. I'm scared because i don't like it, i feel obsessed in some way, bit people tell me that it is because i still want to control food and i'm scared of letting go that control... :/

    1. I know this isnt a question, but ive answered you in a post coming up today.