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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is this called adulthood?

Good morning :) or I guess it's afternoon when this post is actually being posted! But it's morning when I write it!!

What a stressful - sort of morning. While walking to the gym I was having 4 sms conversations and 2 email conversations as well as a FB conversation  with friends, all trying to sort out different things.  Dates and times and when and where. Me trying to figure out whether I had double booked.... when do I have time for what. How long it takes to get places, how long I can stay, do I have time to get to the next thing etc etc

By the time I got to the gym I was a sweaty, flustered mess and had to sit down and just take a breather. Needed my calender so I could write out what times,places, dates so that I don't end up double booking. I decided to then just out my phone on airplane mode and give myself a break from contact with others.... It becomes one big mental mess trying to sort things out, book times and when you have time for what.  Not to mention trying to keep an eye on my own financial state with everything. 

 Is this called adulthood? Because then I don't like it. .... haha. No I mean it's not so bad, sometimes it's stressful. But then it's nice to just shut off my phone and workout for an hour, get my therapy and destress time and then back at it. That one hour is precious and golden to me!!! Keeps me sane with everything going on around me ;) I am pretty sure others feel that way as well. Exercise is so much more than burning calories or trying to form the body, but a way ti relax, to destress and find peace in a chaotic life.

Otherwise, my sister thinks I have some weird condition because I can never seem to keep my top on. Hahaha. I always walk around with a sports bra on. It's like I don't even realise that I don't have a top on. It's not even because I'm that body confident or trying to show off, but because I am always so warm. It's bubbling up from the inside. Hahah. Anyone else like this? Before I used to always be freezing, but now it's the opposite!


  1. Fast metabolism ;) Always warm

    1. It might be that. Though I guess I can't complain about that, haha.

  2. You're not working or studying yet, right? So what are all these arrangements? :)

    1. Family, friends/dinners, meeting with companies/businesses etc and then have other things I need to find time for such as going to stores to leave my CV etc and trying to find time for my boyfriend as well, hahah. Sometimes 24 hours doesn't feel like eniugh time.

  3. I am the exact same way with walking around in my sports bra. I am just SO DAMN WARM ALL THE TIME! like...feverish almost. at home i always wear my nike shorts and a nike sports bra. my parents just tease me and says "its my thing". I guess so :P Like today, it was pouring down outside and i had to run over to the neighbor with something. suddenly i realized i was only wearing my nike shorts and sports bra (as usual). luckily we have a very good relationship with all the neighbors, and they're used to seeing me like that :)

    1. Hahah it's the same. It's like I don't even realise that I'm just walking around with shorts and a sports bra XD but I guess I'm not alone in it either, haha :) it's nice to have that type of relationship with neighbours. I would never be able to do that where I live :/