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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Irrational bouts of anxiety

Sometimes I can get really irrational bouts of anxiety. I can't always explain or even understand why I get anxiety over certain things. But I feel how my heart begins to beat fast, this knot forms in my throat and this inner fear, irritation, anxiety begins to rise within me. I just want to curl into a ball, sometimes I get this feeling of just wanting to scream because I can't even explain how I'm feeling, can't understand why the anxiety is creeping and taking control.  How it becomes hard to think rationally because the thing causing anxiety is irrational.

At the moment (when I am writing this post, though this is a scheduled post) I am sitting with this irrational anxiety and trying to remind myself that why I am feeling anxiety is a silly reason.  That it's nothing to panic about, there is no actual reason to feel this way. Trying to think rationally, trying to think like a "normal person" haha.

It's strange how silly things,irrational things can cause such strong feelings. Like when you are sick and you begin to panic and think that eating an apple or eating a spoonful more of yoghurt will make you gain weight. Or when you feel like you are expanding just looking at food or that the smell of food will make you gain weight.  But those are irrational fears,they are silly fears even if they don't feel silly when you are struggling with them. Luckily I don't have any irrational food fears but I still have irrational things which cause some type of weird anxiety within me.

My best tips for when you feel this way is to 

1) remind yourself that your feelings are valid, but that you can also change them. You can decide to look at the situation differently,  try to use another part of your brain which isn't thinking strangely.

2) Take a few moments to breath, step away from the situation or step away from people for a while to just gather yourself.  Let the worst of the feeling, the most intense beginning feelings pass.

3) talk to someone if you can. Or write down why you are feeling the way you are. What caused these feelings and what can you do about them?

4)change your thoughts, gather your composure and be stronger than the anxiety. Don't let it hold you back. If you can think straight and fight against the feelings and/or thoughts then next time it will be easier, or there will be no 'next time' because you are stronger than that.

I hope this helps you for the next time you face anxiety or irrational anxiety. It's not fun, it's an awful feeling but hopefully the above tips help! !

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