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Monday, August 10, 2015

If you struggle with binge eating

The first thing I want to make clear is that over eating is not the same thing as binging. Overeating is when you maybe eat a little more than planned or when you eat one more slice of cake just because it's delicious even though you were full. Or maybe taking one or two more handfuls of nuts than what you had planned. But binging is something which is a lack of control. It's not just eating a little more,  but eating lots, huge quantities in a period of time where the quantity of food isn't a "normal" amount.  It is when yiu press food into you without really knowing why, wanting to stop but you can't seem to. Binging leads to anxiety and guilt, feelings of shame knowing that what you ate wasn't normal or necessary. It wasn't just one extra sandwich, even if that's how it started. But it was 5 sandwiches, 3 bowls of yoghurt with granola, 2 bananas and 3 mini ice creams. Binging is not the same as overeating. Binging is a mental illness and needs help.

Unfortunately people who suffer from restrictive eating can develop binge eating because it's like the switch flips, but instead of finding a middle ground you go from one extreme to another.  The body wants food from being in restrictive mode so long. It's also important to remember that extreme hunger is not the same as binging, even if it can feel that way. But extreme hunger often goes away once the body has gotten the energy it needed. But with binge eating the cravings and thoughts won't go away without help or working on the thoughts to change them.

If you start doing things such as planning binges (abd/or) compensation methods, have to replace all the food you binged on, eat in secret and feel huge amounts of guilt, get irritated at people because they are in the way and you  can't binge (and/or compensate ) then you know that you aren't overeating or going through extreme hunger.  Those are signals/signs of binge eating and you need to talk to someone.

Don't be ashamed if you have gone from restrictive eating to binge eating,  it happens to some. I have written a post about this which might be helpful (if you search in my search bar for: restrictive eating to binge eating / from anorexia to binge eating) and I also have many posts about binge eating which can be helpful.

But know that if you are struggling don't be afraid to ask for help.

Below are some helpful tips:

Eat with friends and family & stay with them after you have finished eating to avoid secretly binging.

Don't buy food to binge on... instead buy small packs.

Drink plenty of water and eat regular meals. Don't restrict to compensate.

Talk to someone, very important.

Write a food diary to be aware of how much and when yiu eat.  Also eat your emotions involved when eating.

Distract yourself when the binge cravings kick in.

It may be tough now but know that binge eating is a mental illness and it's not just a lack of control. But it's like a switch goes off in your head and you can't stop yourself.  But you need to work against those signals. You can get free.

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