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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to focus less on food/get rid of food obsessive thoughts

Even though an eating disorder isnt just about food, the problem isnt food but the persons thought, there is still an obsession and focus on food. The body is deprived of food and energy so almos all you can think about is food because that is what your body wants.And during recovery you need to break those thoughts, you need to focus on other things. Obsessing and spending too much time thinking about food isnt a good thing unless its something you work with and its part of a job or so. (Which is something i feel i need to clarify, that the food pictures i take are part of my so called 'job'. The food pictures i take is part of what i do on social media and i do get compensation for it, so just putting it out there so that people are aware of this. Just like fashion bloggers can be called vain or self centered, but when they get paid or compensation for taking clothes pictures then that is part of their job :) But like mentioned in my previous post, i am going to cut down on the food writings and pictures to make it easier for others to focus less on food as well).

So how do you break the food obsessed thoughts? You begin with not giving food the power to control you.

If you spend your whole time thinking about food, then that is going to be what controls you. But instead when you realise that food is energy, just like you have to give your car energy to drive. You need to give your body energy so that it can take you from A to B. Because that is what your body is meant for, so that you can do things, but without food (energy) you cant do things. Your body cant run on empty, not forever anyway eventually your body will give up.
  So when you realise this that food is energy and calories is energy then it can make it easier to not feel so obsessed with food. Food should be part of your life, and your body is very smart. It tells you what your body needs if you truly listen. You are craving chocolate? There is a reason for that... whether its because you are tired, you havent eaten enough during the day, you havent eaten enough carbs, you need more B vitamin or you need magneisum or its that time of month for girls.... they are all reasons why you can be craving chocolate, Just like with all cravings there is a reason for it and when you listen to your body then food gives you the energy and nourishment you need so that you cna live your life, so that you have energy, feel happy and positive. Food is also a way of giving your body all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to keep you healthy and happy, so that your organs can work well!
See food as the way to give you energy and nourishment. Also there is NO CHEAT meals. There is NO GUILT food. Food should not be something that evokes guilt or anxiety. No food is bad in moderation, everything in balance and moderation. So try to move away from the mind set that there is good or bad food or that some food is clean whilst another food is unclean. Thats not how food should be seen.... instead listen to your body, try to eat everything in balance i mean just eating spaghetti with cheese and tomatoe sauce isnt so good and neither is just eating salad with cucumber and chicken breast. Variation is what will keep your body healthy.

Once you realise this and try to not give food any power over you, there is alot of mental thoughts and processes behind those two steps. You need to take back YOUR control and your thoughts, not let them wander to food. Trying to move away from looking at food pictures, papers with calories and nutritional values, calorie apps, pinterests filled with food pictures or taking pictures of every meal you eat - unless its for a certain purpose such as showing your dietician what you are eating or because it helps you stay accountable for eating. 

While doing these things you need to begin trying to do more things with your life and your day. Find new hobbies. Start a new group, do something you've wanted to do before, try a new sport, try something new and different. Until you try you wont know if you like it or not. 
  Try to spend time with healthy friends, however if its friends who just spend their whole time talking about food, diets, calories etc then try to distance yourself from them for a while or just tell them straight up that maybe they can talk about something else than food!! XD
   When you begin to immerse yourself in other things, find new interests and hobbies then the focus on food becomes less because it just becomes a part of your life.
  But also spending time with friends and family who are healthy that helps take focus away from food as well because you realise that food is just a part of their life, its not something they think or analyze over. They eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full (Mostly) and there is not so much to it than that, and they still maintain their weight.

As you become healthier, do more things with your life, spend time with people, out in nature, enjoy your hobbies and interests, have goals and dreams then food becomes less of a focus. But YOU need to make conscious choices to not let food control you. To take the power away from food and your ED. Instead put those thoughts on better things in life.
  Because sure, like mentioned somedays/weeks there is more planning and thought going towards food, it is something that makes people happy and something to be enjoyed, but its when its an obsession and all thoughts (almost) go towards food then its not good. So put more energy towards your goals and dreams and your hobbies and let food give you energy so that you can live life! And dont feel guilty for eating any type of food, or eating more some day. Food should NOT have the power to control you.

(This post is supposed to be helpful, though i know it might be percieved as triggering, maybe? Or im not so sure, but i am hoping it is helpful anyway! )


  1. How did your job interview go? Would love to hear more about the type of jobs you have your focus on. :)

  2. As I was in recovery 80% of my Pinterest was food. Cookies, Brownies, "healthy" diet meals, meal plans. Any kind of food. 20% were workouts, exercises to burn fat fast and fitspo (I thought there was nothing wrong with super skinny girls in a sports bra). When I reached my goal weight I got sick of the food pictures. If I wanted to eat a brownie, I'd have one, and not look at a picture wishing I'd allow myself eat one. So I cleaned up. It really helped. Instead of searching low fat low carb wraps I searched diys and other stuff I was really interested in. Now after starting exercise with an almost healthy mind, I repin, like or search pictures of fitspo that are REAL fitspo. Not hidden thinspo. Or workouts that don't burn belly fat but make you stronger. Just by cleaning up Pinterest I've stopped thinking about food 24/7 :) love your blog! <3