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Monday, August 10, 2015

How to avoid restlesness/boredom/guilt over being still while on vacation

The summer holidays are almost over for most people so this post might be coming a little late but today I begin thinking about ways to combat restlessness when you are travelling and when you do things such as lie on a beach all day. What to do to keep the guilt/anxiety away or just how to keep yourself still/not so restless while just lying on the beach/long journeys etc

  1. 1)      Download some good podcasts. Listen to a whole podcast and after that maybe get up and stretch or do something else. This is a great tactic if you find it hard to sit still or want to get up every 5 minutes. When you listen to podcasts you really have to listen, unlike with music where you can tune out and begin thinking too much. You want to avoid thinking too much when you feel restless or when guilt/anxiety over being still takes over.
  2. 2)      Listen to audiobooks, and if you find that your mind still wanders then maybe trying painting/drawing at the same time.
  3. 3)      Buy a colouring book and colour. This can keep you entertained for a long time… plug in an audiobook or podcast at the same time.
  4. 4)      Make jewellery or bracelets from those strings/bracelet making kits
  5. 5)      Edit photos
  6. 6)      Make to do lists/a bucketlist/101 things you want to do in 1001 days/future plans/goals
  7. 7)      Study/borrow books and read about something that interests you or maybe a biography or something
  8. 8)      Read a book.
  9. 9)      Write… in a diary, on a blog, in your memo pad on your mobile, on random pieces of paper etc
  10. 10)   Make sandcastles
  11. 11)   Listen to music and keep telling yourself to listen to one more song until you get up… so you keep listening because it is just one more song you have to listen to.
  12. 12)   Write songs or poems

    If you have any tips or advice that help you while you are on holiday, then please share :)

    And remember you dont need to cut down on food just because you are on vacation or not as active. Think like this.... what does one week of eating like normal and doing your usual activities change your body? Your body doesnt change so much in a week from what you normally do, so why would your body drastically change from one week, or even 2 weeks of eating differently/not being as active. Holidays can be a good way to break free from routines and habits, learn to relax. Though of course, if exercise is part of your HEALTHY lifestyle, then it's not strange if you workout or go for runs etc, that is what i do when i am on holiday because that is part of my lifestyle anyway. I dont stop with that just because i am on holiday or vacation, however i also rest more and eat differently, that is part of vacation and it should be enjoyed. Because one or two weeks away with different routines wont make any difference, and if you feel that you get anxiety before going on vacation because you know you wont get to exercise or know you have to eat differently. Then know that those are signs that your mind isnt healthy, because if normal people can look forward to vacation, look forward to the breakfast buffets and lying on the beach... then you can and should be able to do that as well!! Holidays and vacations should be enjoyed, not dreaded and feared!!

Go against those voices in your head, focus on enjoying yourself!!! :) Life is for living, not counting calories and getting anxiety because you didnt get to workout... i mean think what is one or two weeks out of the whole year? Out of your whole life..... Ask yourself why you are worrying about a few days which are insignificant in the whole!!

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