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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Healthy should make you happy, what's the point otherwise?


That should be the aim for everyone, or a goal anyway for everyone. Though it is also important to clarify that healthy is different for everyone, because not everyone can eat the same way, workout the same way and live the same way. People have different bodies, different lives, different minds and that means that healthy is different for everyone. Healthy isnt just weight either, health is about mental and physical health, and you can also add in things such as a positive social and spiritual health (?).

Far too many people get caught up in the trends, get caught up in something that is deemed "healthy" and think that nothing else matters, nothing else works. If the trend is LCHF, then carbs are the enemy. But then the next minute HCLF is the trend and then fats are the enemy.... But you have to ask yourself, is what you are doing making you happy?

Everyone else seems to go to the gym and love strength training so you force yourself to go there, hating it, wondering why you are standing there doing bicep curls or squats that you hate. So why are you doing it? Life is about happiness just as much as health, so why force yourself to do something you hate and makes you unhappy? Try another form of exercise. Do you enjoy your walks in the forest? Do that... Who cares if strength training is seen as the "Must", it isnt. Maybe you enjoy Zumba or swimming or pilates. Do that if it makes you happy. Forget what others are doing or what the trends are... trends come and go, but you need to know what makes YOU happy and healthy. Of course, for some people doing absaloutly nothing and eating chocolate 6 days a week makes them happy... that might be the case, though then the question is as well, are they healthy? You do need to find a balance and make the two things come together: Happiness and health. And those two things work together, because when you find true health (which isnt the extreme of anything) then you will also feel happy.

But when you are going to the extreme, when you are working out way too much for your body, eating way too little, or way too healthy, or even eating very unhealthy or doing absaloulty no exercise (even though you are physically able to/allowed to) then you wont feel so happy. And if you are forcing yourself to eat proteinfluff, quark and cod just because that is seen as "Healthy" but you hate it... then whats the point?

Because you know what, you can be healthy and still eat chocolate 4 days a week, or enjoy your homemade cookies or pancakes with your family. You dont need to just eat salad and eggs, but you dont need to just eat bread and cookies either. But the important thing is to focus on YOUR health which makes YOU happy. Because i dont personally see the point in doing things that make you unhappy and make you feel like life is miserable because you hate what you are doing. Instead change it. Dont just do what everyone else is doing... do what works for you.

You dont need to go to the extreme, instead find a balance for YOU. Find YOUR health. Healthy that makes you happy as well. Also, dont forget mental what is best for your mental health as well, though dont be scared of anxiety and fear either, going against those things can make it easier in the long term and make you happier!

Healthy is more than just a size or a number, but about happiness. It is about mental state, yout thoughts, your behaviours and not just a weight or number.

Its important that your lifestyle and your life make you happy, because in the end.... do you want to to waste your life being unhappy? Life is short, believe it or not, and spending half or most of your life unhappy? That is not worth it, think about it.

^When life was awful and i was unhappy, but thought i was being healthy.


  1. It's still amusing how everything - even the crap that is thrown in your way - looks so much more shimmering through brightened eyes.
    If you can't identify that feeling, even when I type it right for you to see, you're not there, at happy health, yet.

  2. Izzy I have a problem... What if I am happier when I am (a little) underweight? I mean it gives me a flat tummy, but I dont feel weak or anything and still have my period. Is that ok? An if not, why not. Thank you <3

  3. I feel like I had that same problem too, but then you have to realize your happiness should not be tied to weight. Essentially, it means you're not recovered. Being a healthy weight, and working out (moderately) can make you toned, but even Izzy says stomachs aren't flat all the time. I think the issue here is happiness should come from within, not from weight. You're making the ED happy when sticking to thinking underweight is tied to your happiness. It's not, though. It's tired to your eating disorder. I know I'm not Izzy, but maybe try focusing on things that make you happy but that aren't so interconnected to the ed, like hanging out with your friends or going to movies or dancing.