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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Focus on nutrients, not calories

Food is energy and nutrients. The point of food is to give is energy, I mean why else do we eat?

Well now a days food is more than energy and fuel.  Food is enjoyment, it's a social thing and for some it's something they abuse. Eating isn't as simple as eating for energy anymore, but eating because it's delicious. For some they add too focused on calories and numbers. They would rather choose the 99 kcal special K bar than a 120kcal banana.  But the truth is, you should focus more on nutrients than calories. Foods which are higher in calories such as avocado, salmon and 99% peanut butter are very good for you, but then there is low kcal bars, low kcal cereal and low kcal soup.... sure they are low in calorie but they aren't bringing much nutrients or things your body need. They are basically chemical shit storms. Which is what calorie free sauces are as well.... I have used them before and I still use them at times now.  Why? Because I want to try them and I find some are delicious. I don't have a problem using normal chocolate syrup or pancake sauce or normal ketchup, but I don't have a problem using the calorie free ones either.  Would I spend a shit ton of money on calorie free sauces? No I wouldn't,  because like mentioned they aren't exactly giving me any energy. .. They are like diet soda,  chemical shit storms. Little calories and nothing else. Lots of chemicals. But in small amounts I don't think there is a problem with that. ... though this is my opinion, I know others would disagree. And that is ok!!

I do think that some calorie free foods are ok now and again however if they are used very often i think the chemicals can maybe be too much but might also mess with your body. Because food is supposed to give energy, when you eat your body expects energy and nutrients. But then when you eat calorie free foods for example shirataki noodles (which i actually love!) or drink diet sodas, your body doesnt get the energy it expects and messes with your body. You dont get that satisfied feeling either, and the added sweetners in many of the calorie free foods can make you crave more food and often sweet food, which might be the cause of peoples sugar addiction - because they are trying to cut down on calories and eat low kcal food, they actually end up eating more because their body's system is out of whack. I also believe that all the chemicals and additives in those types of foods can cause addiction and make you crave them, such as sodas/diet sodas. It is easy to become addicted to them and then keep drinking them and keep having sweet cravings and making it hard to break a sugar addiction. But like mentioned before.... i think that eating those types of foods now and again is no problem. Do you need to eat them? Of course not, but if someone chooses to, then that is their choice.

I think first and foremost you should focus on getting all the energy and nutrients you need from actual food and healthy food. Then on the side if you want to add in calorie free sauces or protein bars or drink some diet soda, do that... but once again, too much of anything isn't good. Many low kcal things often contain alot of sweetner which isn't good either. But finding a balance, because consuming too much sugar isn't good either. Focus on whole food first and then things with sugar and sweetner as extras.

As I am a healthy weight and also have a healthy mindset I use whatever I feel like using.  If I want to buy calorie free sauces I don't feel the need to defend myself because of my past, just like I don't expect applause just because I use chocolate syrup or ketchup. A balance.

I don't actually know where the chemicals go in the body,  but too much I can't expect is good for the body.  I tried researching to find what happens in the body when such food is consumed but i dont know how reliable the articles were, they seemed a little silly.... but if you know or have any advice, or want to share your opinon about this, Comment below. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this is mine :)


  1. Totally agree, I believe those chemical products are unhealthy. Actually, I've barely eaten any of those for around 2 years, and the smell repulses me. A few days ago there was little food in the house (noone went shopping) so I had to have jelly, but it was disgusting and I couldn't eat it. Whole foods give us many more nutrients as well as improve our mood :)

  2. I never really thought about that the body gets confused :/ Also found an article about it
    But as you said, you cannot really tell how reliable these internet sites are.
    I guess moderation is the key. Real food should be the foundation and then these supplements just an addition.