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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Focus on health and energy, not visible abs and low body fat percent

Now a days far too many people are caught up in wanting a flat stomach ans/or visible abs. The only reason they workout is for that goal. And I get it, I've been there. Wanting to have visible abs and I have had somewhat visible abs,but the only time I have had them is when I've spent too much time working out and not eating enough.  And when my stomach looks somewhat toned in present days is often when I haven't eaten alot otherwise I have a full and somewhat bloated belly.  But you know what? That makes me happy,  because I energize and fuel my body. I have energy to live life AND workout. Before I didn't eat enough so my energy just went to working out and apart from that I didn't have energy to do anything else. But also I wasn't happy in my body.  I compared it to others and was never good enough. I didn't have the goal body I wanted. But now I feel so much better in my body, having more energy, weighing more but having more strength,  more happiness and more life. I would never eat less or force myself to do cardio 2 times per day or to not eat chocolate just to have a six pack. For me that's not worth it and it's not healthy either. For most girls, having such a low body fat procent is not healthy and so visible abs isn't attainable or something long term.  But yet that is many people's goals.

Today my stomach was showing signs of definition and can't deny it felt a little good, but you know what. ... I had barely any energy. I hadn't eaten enough yesterday or this morning I worked out late and should have eaten a morning snack but didn't, so my body didnt have eniugh fuel. Once I refuelled and ate what my body needed the definition went away and my belly and body was happy.  And I am happy over that.  I choose energy,  strength and food before diets and abs. Abs won't make you happier and just because you have a flat stomach doesn't mean you feel happier or more confident. It doesn't make you better than anyone either.  Happiness comes from the inside and not from a body shape. For me, I know that my body works best when I weigh X kilo. When I feel strong, energetic and happy.  That's where I want to be, and that's why I wouldn't diet or want to lose fat procent or weight because I know that those will just make me less energetic and I won't feel as good. I want to feel my best, happiest, healthiest.  Not the skinniest or most toned, those really don't bring so much happiness,  especially not when you realise the negatives of those things.

Aim for happiness,  energy, life and stop focusing on changing your body. If your body does change from exercise then it does, but have goals such as feeling progress, being able to do something you couldn't do before instead of just purely physical goals


  1. Thank you, Izzy. I appreciate your posts about enjoying exercise. I find it hard to make myself exercise, even though I enjoy it and feel better for it when I do. I have never abused exercise by overdoing it, but I sometimes feel like underexercise can also be a form of self-harm and a product of negative thinking ... and too many excuses. I was always useless at sports, but I like jogging and it doesn't affect anyone else if I do it badly, and it always makes me feel better if I do it, I just find it hard to make myself. So I always value your example of simply enjoying it....
    Thank you also for the post a couple of years ago on how to eat in relation to exercise -- it's helpful.
    Have a nice day, x.

  2. Interesting post! I've been kinda obsessed with a flat stomach for years.. and you know what, I'm starting to think 'why'?! I suppose being the skinny one has always been an identity, yet since slowly gaining weight I feel more 'truly myself' than I ever have.

    Also, I love exercise {mostly walking actually} because being outside in the fresh air makes me feel happy. If I've ever over-exercised in the past it has always left me either injured or just feeling pretty rubbish really.

  3. Just wondering if you would be willing to share why you are trying to gain weight? Is it for strength gains or anything?

    1. No. Just to feel in myself better.. plus being underweight has always had its disadvantages. I am an active person and so it would be great to have more energy + no injuries/ complications {i.e. horrid cramp pain}.

    2. were you asking me, or the anonymous above? :)

  4. Replies
    1. I've lost a few kilo the past few weeks, i think its a combination of my body not absorbing the energy and then also not feeling as hungry because ive felt so low. But i am guessing you follow me on IG ?, so then you can see the type of portions i eat so i am kind of shocked that i have lost weight. But i have noticed it in my energy levels and also i can see that i have lost weight, so i want to regain the weight so that i am back to my normal weight and where i have the most energy and strength :) Extra chocolate and nuts i guess, haha.

    2. Yeah, feeling mentally low can most definitely make it worse. I hope you feel back to normal soon and enjoy the extra chocolate! You will be feeling great again in no time!