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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Everything happens for a reason? The choices you make are what change your life.

I can often find myself thinking.... how different would my life be if i had made a different choice sometime in my life?
   What if i didnt go to the school i went to? What if i began doing distance school like i had plans of. What if i didnt stay home that night? What if i had followed with my sister clubbing one night? What if i had waited an hour longer before i left?

Maybe small things, such as leaving an hour later or an hour earlier might not change the course of your life... but in a way it can? What if i had left an hour later one day and was on a train that crashed or what if i had gone out clubbing and met another guy i started dating (and not have met my boyfriend). I dont believe that our lives and our path are set in stone, i believe that we CREATE our life, because there are always choices. You can always choose, even if its subconscious choices at time.... you can choose to run or stay, to fight or back down, to get up or stay down....

Sometimes i think about how my life would be if i had made a different choice sometime in my life... would my life be different? Would I be different? Because i believe that our personalities and who we are is also shaped by our surroundings, who we hang out with, what we enjoy doing etc What if i had choosen to keep dancing instead of joining the gym? What if i had walked infront of the bus like though all those times. What if.....

Thinking in 'what if's' isn't always so good, because you never know.... you will never know what could have happened because you have made a choice and the results come from that choice. But i still find it very fascinating how different life can be just because of a choice... Everyday people make thousands of choices, all from what clothes to wear, what to eat, what time to leave, what train to take, whether to add salt to your food, whether to compliment that girl, send that message or walk a new route... so many choices each day. Will choosing chicken over salmon change your life, not necessarily but who knows......

Some people say that it's fate and that whatever happens is destined to happen. But i dont know, i believe that everything happens for a reason.... that the choices we make are OUR choices, but we make them for a reason. I believe that many choices we make are subconscious, a reason behind what we choose even if we arent fully aware of that reason.

With this post, i wanted to say that you can always change your life. Make a different choice... our lives and our paths aren't set in stone. Things can change and you can make a change, you don't need to just follow routine or believe that things are the way just because. You always have a choice.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason or do you believe in faith? Believe that our paths are already destined and that we are just following that path?

Would be interesting to know how you think :)


  1. I've feel a sense of déjà vu.. it's so strange, as I've been thinking about the above recently too!!

    YES - - our choices define our futures, although I also believe that our life' path is predetermined {due to my religious views}.

    So, say I consider recovery.. I can CHOOSE to get better and make those positive choices, to change my future for the better!

    I do believe that things in life happen for a reason. That I have experienced things, met people, seen things etc. for a reason.

    It is your choice though if you learn from those experiences or not..

    Great post Izzy! Xx

  2. I've been thinking these things a lot recently too. Like you, I find it kind of fascinating to think about all those choices that form our lives. But then again it sometimes gets hard to think about all that because I easily start regretting certain things. So, I try to not get too caught up on those thoughts.

    As for, do I believe in destiny? In some sense, yes. I do believe we all have a purpose in this universe. But then again, I think we can make conscious choices that lead us to finding our path, you know. So maybe that's destiny. I don't know. It's hard to explain, and I'm still figuring out these things, but that's somewhat what I've thought so far.

    My comment was a ramble, sorry for that. Thank you for writing this, Izzy.

  3. I also really agree with you Izzy :) I think we are aware of our choices and we are the only ones, who can make them change and choose another direction or way :) especially towards recovery I think this is very very important :D and I also agree with you it can be so hard to make the right decisions without regretting anything and thinking, would it has been different if I would have chosen different? :) I am so bad at this, but I try my best especially in recovery :) How do you normally cope with this? :)
    xxx Ange <3

  4. I feel like if you truly believe everything happens for a reason it is impossible to have regrets. Every choice you make becomes part of a larger plan. Something that is much bigger than ourselves. Our eating disorders make us stronger if we choose to recover. So I don't regret restricting because it was something that I grew from. Yes, there are all sorts of choices that we make, and it is precisely those choices that define us. I'm happy with who I am, and all my choices and my experiences created who I am, so I don't regret anything.