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Monday, August 24, 2015

Binge eating & tips to over come it. (Binge eating vs physical hunger)


  1. In the second photo ("Stop Binge Eating") there is a very stupid and sick advice, it's the last one!!! It says: "Eat Naked - it helps you stay conscious of your body and vulnerable at the same time"... it sounds a lot like one of those tips what are on proana sites.
    I like your blog, you are a kind girl for sure... but even if this post is about binge eating disorder and not anorexia, I would not advice something like this. Please next time read it before you post it!!!

    1. Oh I'm so sorry. That was really stupid advice,I would never give out that advice. :/ I am going to take away the picture, it was a silly mistake.

    2. It was a stupid mistake. Though the thing that most irritates me is that someone actually made that picture and decided go add that piece of advice. Even I would feel pathetic and not as hungry if I were to stand in front of a mirror naked and eat. Eating is supposed to be an enjoyment as well, not worrying about your body when you eat. Food is nourishment.

    3. Thank you Izzy, I totally agree! These photos shouldn't be uploaded at all, it's scary how many girls find these and start to follow their advice.
      Wish you a lovely day! :)

  2. I've just read the "anonymous" comment above, so responding partly in light of that. I was actually really glad to see this post, and I've found Izzy's blog really helpful. It ties together with the question at the end of the most recent post - "food pictures or no?" I first found this blog because I was struggling with bingeing (without purging) - my much older history is of anorexia. At first it was really hard for me that Izzy posted so many pictures of food, because seeing food in itself was scary, lest it trigger me to binge. Now I really like Izzy's pictures because she can enjoy the food without feeling out of control with it. It's helped me to something closer to a healthier relationship to food.
    But - Izzy, if you read this, and if you feel like replying or directing me to somewhere else where you've answered this - I do struggle with this whole bingeing vs anorexia recovery thing! My BMI is healthy according to the numbers, and I have had periods for many years now, but when I was younger I was very underweight at times. I'm not entirely sure I believe that I have really reached what would have been my natural BMI, but the weight all goes on my stomach and I struggle with that, and I have been messing about with my weight for so long that I am not sure I really believe it would ever redistribute "properly". I'm not sure I would even know if it did, because (as some of your posts point out), I'm not sure I know what a normal healthy body looks like. You have an exceptionally slim, highly fit figure, but we're not all going to look like that I know I never would, but the media never offers normal healthy people. It's hard to know if I am a binge eater or an anorexic or both, and what health would really be like. I know I have an unhealthy relationship to food & body, but I find it really hard to know even what I am aiming for or how. It's hard to know when I need to listen to my body about eating and when I don't. I'm not sure whether my metabolism is healthy or not, it might be slow now after not eating sensibly for many years. This is a really complicated business!
    But don't worry if you can't answer this! You don't need to fix my problems! And they're not that serious -- I've muddled on for a long time and it's fine. I think your blog is great, I really do. Look after yourself, and stay strong! X

    1. Hello, I am so sorry that you are struggling and been struggling for so long. It's tough when you have had a messed up relationship to food for a while. I can't diagnose you and the binging could be for many different reasons. It could be anorexia with binging episodes because of the restriction or it could be binge eating disorder with restriction to compensate. It depends which you do more of. But I would highly suggest you go to a doctor and a dietician to get help. The first step you can do is to 1) know your triggers for either binging or restricting and tty to overcome those. And2).male a food journal for a week or two... think rationally, are you eating eniugh or not. And 3) then make a meal plan... do you need to add in a snack somewhere to keep your blood sugar stable? Add in more carbs/protein/fat? When do you binge and does something trigger it? As you can't really trust your bodies signals a meal plan is the best advice. You follow that and eat what it says, whether you ate hungry or not... and even if you want more, stick to the meal plan. It can be tough especially when your signals are everywhere but it does help. I've binged before (though I purged as a way to compensate then) and I could eat 2000-5000kcal in a matter of an 1-3 hours. It was awful and I could not trust my body at all. But returning to meal plan was what helped me. When yiur body gets the energy and nutrients it needs, then it will be easier for your body to find balance. To go uo/down depending where it feels best. And when the body is stressed and not functioning properly due to the binging and restricting then the weight does go ti the stomach as a sort of protection. But it might redistribute when the body feels safer. When it comes to binging or any eating disorder professional care is advised. Remember that it is your head and your thoughts you need to change as well as your behaviours. With yiur metabolism, when you eat regularly and the body feels safe your metabolism should improve as well, but when you go from eating huge amounts to very little the body is constantly in shock and stress. It doesn't feel safe which messes wuth your metabolism, hunger, fullness and other things inside the body. So the best is to find balance, which or course is easier said than done. But once again, a meal plan can help!!

  3. Hi izzy can you do a post on nutrition? i need help in how to keep my blood sugars stable as I'm always feeling hungry and this scares me cos feel i might binge. I also am interested in making sure my body gets the right nutrition as i gain weight so any insight in how to gain weight healthy (i don't necessarily mean anorexically just healthy to repair my body) thank you x