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Friday, August 21, 2015

Be the person you needed when you were younger

I love the quote "Be the person you needed when you were younger", because i think for most people there was a time in their life when they were younger when they wished that there was someone who could have helped them. Someone who could have given them advice about the situation they were in, how to cope or handle things, what to do. I mean if you were bullied as a child, do you then want to grow up and be the person bullying others, just because you were bullied as a child? Or do you want to grow up and be the strong person, the person who can stand up against bullies and be the person who goes to those who are/have been bullied and can help them? If you've been depressed and suicidal, do you then want to grow up and completely ignore that problem. Refuse to help someone when they are also struggling because you never received help, because no one reached their hand out to you... or just because. Or do you want to reach your hand out to others and be the type of person you needed when you were struggling.

For me, i try to be the person i needed when i was younger. I needed help, i needed someone to listen to me, i needed someone to talk to who could give me guidance. But not be mean or start telling me off when i did something wrong... i needed to learn from my own mistakes, but i still needed someone there for me. I still needed someone to ask for advice or ask questions, i needed someone who could reassure me that things would be ok. But i never had that..... i mean i had the staff and doctors at Mando tell me that things would be ok, that i didnt have to worry or panic, but i could never talk to them. Because if i told them what i did, how i cheated, how awful i actually felt they would take away privileges, negative things would happen, when all i needed was for them to maybe listen and give advice. This is me personally anyway. Because when i was put into a wheelchair, not allowed to go home, not allowed to go outside those made me less likely to go against the voice in my head. Because i was being more punished, but at the same time i get their tactics... but it didnt help to punish me when i was already on the ground. But back to topic.... i try to be a person who could have helped myself when i was struggling. Because i needed someone, even if i didnt tell anyone i think when you are struggling, no matter what it is.... you want to talk to someone who has been through the same thing. Such as when you are struggling in school and it feels like you will never make it through the last year, you will never make it through the exams and deadlines.... but then you can talk to someone who has been through it. They can give you tips and advice and suddenly it doesnt seem so bad anymore, and that is very helpful.

Of course, not everyone wants to or is good at helping others or giving advice. But there are times when you are faced with different choices, and you can choose to be the type of person you would have needed, or choose to turn your back. For example, if you see someone being bullied.... what would you choose to do? Walk away because you think, i was bullied and i grew from it. Nobody helped me. Or you think, I can help that person, they shouldnt be bullied. Even if you cant help them forever, for that moment you maybe can. Though of course it all depends on circumstances, putting yourself in danger might not be a good idea, but you can always call for help or scream to get attention to the situation, those are things you can do without having to maybe put yourself in danger. 

That was just for example, but it can be good to think about.... what type of person you are, and would your younger self be proud of you`?


  1. awww you are so cute on that photo ^.^ I am proud of you for thinking that way!

  2. You were so stinkin' adorable! (still are, but ya know)

  3. you are right about having someone there thats been thru it and survived - you give me strength and hopefully when i am well i will be able to give strength to others too. Life has been cruel to me but thats no excuse for life to be cruel to another, i wish someone had helped me but they didn't i don't want someone to have to feel what i did too x