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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Answers - body fat procent, questbar mint chocolate flavour, foam rolling

In older posts you said that you have a normal fat procent. Even so you have ripped abs. How can you do it? How does is works?

I havent checked my fat procent but i know its a normal level,  it is very obvious when a persons fat procent level is too low. And i dont really have ripped abs? haha... not sure where you have gotten that from. I have some type of definition sometimes, but that is also dependant on lighting and angles most often. So its not like i walk around with a visible six pack.
But having visible abs is also dependant on genes and DNA, just like with thigh gaps... some people can have a higher weight/bmi and have visible abs or thigh gaps, while others need to have an underweight/extremely low fat procent to have visible abs.  The most important thing however is to have a healthy body and mind, forget about body fat procent and visible abs those things wont make you happy and dont necessarily make you healthy.  The body can change from exercise but exercising just to have visible abs will lead to disappointment because when you bloat the definition goes away but also it can lead to an unhealthy obsession and/or an unhealthy body trying to achieve that goal.

And an extra question: If your muscle procent is growing, your body fat will decrease? Or it is not dependent?

Not necessarily... when you build muscle you also gain some fat. It is almost impossible to gain just muscle, just like it is very hard to lose weight without losing muscle. That is why it is silly when people say they want to gain muscle but not gain fat... because to do that it is very complicated  Instead know that by gaining muscle you are getting stronger which is always good. But also, the more muscle you have = faster metabolism = you can eat more & the body burns more. So by strength training and building muscle, it is then easier to burn fat. Though it is better to focus on the other positive benefits of strength training than just that it is easier to burn fat. But just because you build muscle doesnt mean that your body fat procent will decrease. Building muscle and losing fat are two different things (i.e building muscle and losing weight are sort of contradicting).

Good luck Izzy! Also, what is foam rolling?! I've been wondering for ages haha
Thank you :) Foam rolling is a way to help with recovery for muscles and also to relieve pain and muscle soreness. Even if the actual foam rolling can hurt quite a bit. Its not as simple as it may look, for me it personally feels like a coreworkout each time i do it because you have to hold yourself in weird positions and roll and you feel the "soreness" when the 'points' of the roller try to loosen a muscle tightness. It can also be seen as a deep tissue massage :)
  I think foam rolling is great and would definitely recommend it :) It should be done a few times  a week, but i am proud of myself if i even manage to do it once a week, hahaha. Just like stretching, i should get better at those 2 things :)

You can read more about foam rolling here:

What did you think of the new questbar flavour?

I really liked the new chocolate mint flavoured questbar :) In my top 5 anyway!! I am not someone who loves mint, it wouldnt be my first choice of chocolate flavour but it worked really well in the questbar. I am not sure if i liked it so much because both times i ate it i was super hungry, which might make me a little biased because when you are hungry everything tastes good. But i liked it... both "raw" and baked!! I would try it first before you order a whole box because everyone has different tastes and it is one of those "special" questbar flavours which either you like it or you dont :)

Did your hair go really thin and wispy and fall out a lot when you were at you worst with anorexia? Does it go thicker in recovery, and stop falling out? I'd love to hear about your experience with this

When my body wasnt getting the energy or nutrients it needed my hair became very thin, so did my nails and my skin became very dry. But when you begin eating more, your body gets energy and nutrients and as your body becomes healthier with weight gain your hair should grow thicker. However it might not go back to the way it was before, for some their hair never grows thicker again. But for me it did luckily. But it should stop falling out as long as your body gets energy and nutrients - if it gets the right vitamins. Remember to get enough healthy fats into your diet, as those help with hair, nails and skin. Also get enough Omega 3 & 6 :) Give it some time, those things will fix themselves. But when your body is deprived of energy and is underweight then things such as hair, nails, skin and even certain organs just arent the main priority for the body, because the body is just trying to keep the heart beating and keep you warm enough to function, which is why you might also get lanugo hair.


  1. Procent = percent ;)

  2. haha I've always wondered why you say procent!!

    1. I dont know -_- i think its because i say the word as "procent" so then when typing i just type it like that as well, though by this point i know its wrong and it also comes up a little mark telling me that the word is wrong... but i am trying to convince myself that i am typing it write anyway. Hahahah... though i know i need to start typing precent :) Bad grammar/bad spelling isn't good XD

  3. Hey Izzy,
    Great writing and sharing. I wish you well in your continued recovery. Don't worry too much about grammer and spellin.
    I have some articles I created on foam rolling. Although I'm biased, I think they are better than the ones you linked to