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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Am I over training?

I got asked via email recently whether I am over training or not - because I workout alot.
It got me thinking a little, I mean depression/feeling low as well as insomnia/sleeping problems are symptoms of over training. So I began thinking about this, but I came to the honest answer of  no. I am not over training. I have before. ... I didn't listen to my body and kept pushing myself.  Even when I was tired or unmotivated I worked out anyway and eventually I "hit the wall/burnt out". My body and mind said no.... I became depressed again, exercise was no longer fun and instead of making progress I was getting weaker and felt more tired. I was barely sleeping and lost all motivation for life, exercise which had once been fun turned into a chore. My body said no with lots of tiredness,muscle soreness, aches and pains. And my mind was foggy, a grey cloud and depressed thoughts. It was awful, the thing that gave me enjoyment and was my stress and anxiety relief was the thing causing me anxiety and stress. So I stopped. ... I took a break and that helped. I began to listen to my body again and found balance. So I know what it's like to over train, to push the body and mind too far. To do too much exercise and eat too little. And that is not the case now. Not sure why I am having sleeping problems,  but I have been having a lot of nightmares which make me hesitant to actually want to sleep and once I lie in bed my thoughts and mind won't turn off so I lie awake until 1-3 am. And with my low feelings, they have been creeping in the background for a while. .. but then I began with some strong CF medicine which was the catalyst and triggered alot of negativity and dark thoughts and since then I've been working on getting rid of them. On finding myself and the happy me again,  and I am well on my way :)

When you workout I think it is super important to be aware of over training and the symptoms of it. If you find yourself showing symptoms or exercise is becoming a chore or something negative, maybe take a break. I think it was great that a reader asked me the question. ... got me thinking and helped me rule that out. Sometimes you need an outside perspective as well :)

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