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Thursday, July 9, 2015

You have no obligation to look good for others - you are more than your body (thought post )

This post might not be like my usual posts, not something I usually post online, but it has got to do with body love, body image etc so I think it's ok to post on here.

Something which has bothered me for a long time is how girls are often told, consciously and subconsciously to "look good for guys". Not wear too much make up because guys don't like that, but don't wear no make up at all because that isn't attractive either. Preferably girls should have big perky boobs,  a small waist, low body fat and a round booty. Not to mention that there should only be hair on the head and it should look good at all times.... Because guys don't like greasy or unwashed hair. They expect girls to have nice smelling, beautiful and shiny hair on their head and no hair anywhere else. Their clothing should be somewhat revealing but not too much because the  you are deemed a "slut" and it's your own fault if something happens to you. We're told to "leave some things to the imagination" but our clothes are made as tight, see through and very much revealing. Girls are told all their life that their worth depends on whether they have a boyfriend or not, that their beauty is  based on whether a guy likes you or not,  whether a guy compliments you or not.  And let's not forget the typical 'fuckboy' compliment which goes something like....'you're so hot I want to f**k you'..... as if that is some type of compliment. Girls are more than their bodies.... They are not just some moving thing where everyone gets to comment about their appearance,tell them what they need to change, how they need to look and what they need to do to be more attractive. Life is more than just body image, even if social media and media tells us otherwise.

One thing which amazes me is when people (both guys and girls) comment on other people's pictures (of themselves/their bodies) and say things like.... I don't like your legs/your arms are too big/your breasts are too small etc as if it should matted to some random stranger how someone else looks? It's their body, not someone else's and it's the person who's body it is who gets to decide how they look. The important thing is to like yourself and your own body image. I never understand why people comment things (like mentioned above. ) everyone has different preferances and likes different things but it's not up to someone else to decide what is beautiful/attractive.... It is up to the person themselves to love their body image. It's time for people and society to begin accepting all body images. To stop telling girls that their beauty and worth is in the hands of males.

I dress for myself. I look the way I look because I like my body image. I wear shorts and crop tops because they are comfy and I like them, not just so that males can look at my stomach and legs.

Females are under no obligation to "look good" for males or anyone else. Feel comfortable in yourself and your own body because it is YOURS.  Not anyone else's. ... If you don't like someone's appearance you don't have to tell them. You don't have to tell someone that you don't like their arms or you think they should build some muscle or lose some fat.... its not necessary to say those things.  It's only necessary when it is for health reasons and comes from someone who is going to help the person.

I'm writing this post to vent some frustration. ... frustration that people think it's ok to tell others what they like or don't like in someone else's appearance,  as if it's their job to comment about it. But also how girls are seen as just bodies.... bodies that should look good.

Of course, girls also do the same thing with guys... have their preferances and such,  but it isn't as visible or as much of a problem as it is with guys and society telling girls how they should look and anyone who doesn't look that way is seen as unattractive and ugly.

My main frustration is how there is so much hate towards women who have a higher body fat. I hate it so much because they are still humans, everyone has different healthy set points. It's ok to have a higher fat procent as long as your health isn't at risk. As society keeps reminding girls that having fat is bad ut creates a bas body image for girls and can be a factor to eating disorders. But also makes it harder to recover for those who are sick when they are constantly told and reminded that "having fat on your body is bad" when it's not.  Having an unhealthy fat procent is bad, but that doesn't happen overnight and usually happens due to certain reasons. There is nothing wrong with having a bigger body size,that does NOT make you unattractive.  Everyone is different. I really hope that one day all people will learn this, because for now.... there are very few people who have true body acceptance and body love.  Far too many people are too judgemental and criticising over bodies and believe that there is only one body type. But all bodies are beautiful and you need to learn to love your body no matter what size! !! Forget what others think or say as there will always be people who like/dislike how you look. But you are MORE THAN YOUR body anyway! !



  1. completely agree with this! xo

  2. Exactly, when did our self worth become dependent on 'what a guy wants'? I am all for diverse bodies and acceptance- however I find it ridiculous when I hear things such as 'but guys like girls with real curves' or 'no guy wants a stick-figure'. Why do so many women chase after breast enhancement and butt injections? Yes there may be some of want it for themselves, however I can't help but wonder at the number of them who are doing it because they think it is the only way to get noticed by a male. I really wish everyone could just dress, look, and eat however they wanted to because it makes them happy!

    1. Exactly! Though of course there are women that do want plastic surgery for themselves, like yiu mentioned :)

  3. I love this post Izzy, thank you! <3 xx

  4. I know what you mean Izzy by this post and I agree mostly. But there are some unspoken rules about the way you look that I think applies to everyone. I´m not talking about body shape but about how to dress. In my opinion it is just respectful towards other people to dress appropriate to public spaces. For example to a job interview or to work you should dress up and to look like you care about the situation and take care of personal hygiene (and wash your hair). It´s just common curtesy.
    But to discriminate based on body shape or size or whereto you are too athletic or not athletic enough. I think that´s wrong.

    1. Oh of course, but I wasn't really talking about clothing here. More about how people are told how to look and that girls can be seen as just bodies (sort of). It's hard to express my actual thoughts but also I don't want it to become some rant or seeming like I hate guys, because that is not the case. More that I get irritated that not all body shapes are accepted and people so openly comment about other people's bodies and tell them what they think looks good or not. When those comments aren't necessary :)

    2. Oh... I see :) And I totally agree with that. My point was a bit different issue. Sorry for the misunderstanding, my bad ;)

      Love your blog!
      Have a nice weekend!

  5. I know exactly the f**k boy comments you're talking about. They've happened to me and it's so offensive. It makes me feel like that's all that matters is how I look. The good thing is not all guys are like that. I hope, anyway.

    1. Exactly, some people don't remember that people are more than just bodies . Of course there are good guys, so don't worry about that. You just have to push past all those other ones who sill need to mature!!