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I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Yesterdays positives

Hello :)
Yesterday was a day where it seemed alot harder than necessary to find something positive about the day. I wouldnt say it was a negative or a bad day, it's just that nothing much happened and so there wasn't much to say about it, let alone find something positive. But you know what, positives don't always have to be these super duper, very clear positives.They can be just the small things which you might not otherwise think about, and so i had to think quite hard and finally found these positives.

EDIT: I thought i would add in that i have now made a snapchat account where you can follow me :) : izzy-m1  ;);) Not sure how long it will last, but if i like it i will continue with it :) So add me there and watch my story if you feel like it!

1) I can wander around the house as much as i like.... lie on my bed, sit in the kitchen (we have a small table there ;) ), sit at the dinner table or the sofa.... yup, the whole house to myself!

2) Eat as much watermelon as i like :)

Î sent my mum this picture and told her this was going to be my intake while they were gone.... 
She didn't find it funny XD But at the same time she didnt believe me either, hahahah. Also the fact that she absaloutly hates cola or cola zero and she knows that i do drink it when they arent around ;)

3) Evening walk with Daisy in the evening sun!! There hasnt been much of a summer in Sweden, but it was a really nice evening yesterday.... i could wear shorts and a top and not freeze! We walked a bit, did some running to tire her out and i threw some sticks. But then on the way home she got a little too tired and decided to just sit down, turn her back to me and not look at me when i called. hahahah... she didnt want to go home. P.s to everyone who might want a beagle, they are very stubborn dogs and like to do what they want!! They listen, it's just that they can often chose to do their own thing anyway! XD

4) Newly washed hair and face mask = feeling 10 times better suddenly!!! All i need now is to try to stop biting my nails so that i can one day have nice and painted nails :)

Those were my positives of the day even if it felt like the day hadnt been that great or positive, but if you really try you can find something!

Todays plans are to spend time in the sun, maybe lie on blanket somewhere, bring with me some food, water and download a podcast! This afternoon i also want to try to go to a sports store in town as i got a present card for my graduation and i feel i need/want some new sports clothes :) It's always nice to have and you feel extra fancy and extra motivated. Granted i am pretty much 99% motivated and excited to go to the gym but with new gym clothes it's like 200% motivated!! And then this evening i am goingt o barbeque with my boyfriend and his family and i am going to finally get to meet his sister (she doesnt live in Sweden, so never met her before). Slightly nervous... infact more nervous than meeting his parents, but i guess we've been dating so long that in the end if she doesn't like me it doesnt make so much difference, also the fact that she doesnt live in Sweden. But i've heard that i can seem shy and quiet when first meeting me - which is true - so i am going to try to be more talkative, as apparently that's good. hahaha XD

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