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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Working with nutrition after an eating disorder

I recently got asked whether it was a good or not to work with nutrition after an eating disorder - asking about myself personally.

My first reaction to this question was surprise.  Because I've never thought about it being weird, or how the person put it, "still food obsessed". Because that is definitely not the case. Of course working with nutrition means counting calories or macros but that is nothing new for me, I know how to count calories even if I don't personally do it anymore. Just like once you learn your multiples you never really forget it. If someone asks you what 6X5 is or 7X8 you just know the answer, just like if someone asks how many calories is in food I can tell them pretty accurately because I still know how many calories is in certain foods. I can still count calories and estimate how much is in meals,but I don't do it for myself. 

I want to work with nutrition because I find it interesting and I already know so much about it. However it's not just nutrition I want to work with, I want to work with exercise as well as people's body image and mental health. I want to help people find their health. Learn to love their body and find what works for them. Knowing that I can help people find what works for their bodies, help them find health and balace is what makes me happy and is what I want to work with. Health is what I want to work with and nutrition is part of that and it's also something that interests me. I know that too much food isn't good and too little food isn't good, just like eating too much of one food group or not enough of another food group isn't good. Now compared to when I was sick if I ever heard or read about a certain food being bad or shouldn't be eaten I would automatically eliminate it from my diet.  But now I know that everything in moderation is ok and that I don't have to eliminate a food just because a magazine says it's bad. But that is also what I want to teach out that food is not the enemy and it's about finding balance!!!

Speaking about my future I have actually had a slight change in what my plans are. At the moment I'm considering quit alot about moving to Gothenburg and studying the dietician program there.  Because I already have all the qualifications  for that program and don't need to do 1-2 years of complementary courses. It would also be very exciting to move to a new city, meet new people,have my own apartment and getting a job might be easier. It would be a little lonely maybe, but that doesn't scare me. If anything,  I am longing to just sit down and figure everything out. To apply for the program first, I can't study this autumn as it's too late but hopefully the program also begins in the spring!! Then I would hopefully have time to work all autumn and just earn lots of money. Anyway, those are my new exciting thoughts about my future!!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful plan Izzy! I dont think that it would be weird at all for you to have a career in nutrition/exerrcise. You are obviously very passionate about those things so it only makes sense that you have a job that involves them :) x

  2. I agree, I think having had an eating disorder shouldn't come into consideration here. You have recovered, moved on to be living a very active and positive life and pursuing something your passionate about makes perfect sense!
    Moving to a new city would be such an adventure, your a very independent and stronfgminded person I think you could easily take the challenges that would come with it in your stride. Keep us all posted :)

    1. Thank you :) It is both exciting and nerve wracking thinking about the future!!

  3. Hy!

    I wanted to ask: what is the pink sauce (maybe) in the top right picture?

    I hope you have a great day