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Friday, July 17, 2015

When friends or family hinder your progress or affect you negatively

This morning i began thinking how much harder it must be to recover if your friends or family are not the best at promoting a healthy body image. If they constantly talk about body image, calories and weight. If they comment alot on other peoples bodies or make rude remarks about other people and their bodies. This can all be very triggering and very negative when you are surrounded by that all the time.

It puts alot of focus and attention on body image and food which are things which are things you dont want to focus too much on - apart from finding balance with food and learning body positivity and love. But also, it can make you believe that there is only one type of perfect body shape, especially if family or friends comment alot on bodies. That is very triggering for someone who knows that their body will change and knows they have to gain weight.

When in recovery you need to surround yourself with people who motivate you, be positive role models and inspire you. Not surround yourself with people who will trigger you and hinder your recovery just because they can't realise that its rude to comment on other peoples bodies and that there is more to life than weight, body image, calories etc  One of the things i hate is when people begin talking calories while eating or begin telling someone else that they shouldnt eat so much of X or Y. I mean i dont mind talking about calories or nutrition, but i only really do it when i am asked for advice or help because otherwise i dont see the point about talking about those things. But especially not when eating... that can be triggering for anyone, it can cause guilt or anxiety within even normal people.

If you are surrounded by these types of people i would try talking to them. Ask them if they can limit their talk about those subjects while you are around, or remind them that there is more to life than those things. Also that it is not necessary to comment about everyones appearance - people who do that are most often very insecure about themselves and their own appearance and thats why they need to comment about other people. Or try to bring other people down, point out flaws to make themselves feel better. If its your family, hopefully they can understand and be accepting and try to change their conversation topics. And if your friends are true friends they should understand as well and if they dont understand or try to make a change, are they really true friends?

What you can try to do when those types of conversations begin or comments are made, try to change the subject. Dont get sucked into talking about those things all the time, be the strong one and know that if the only thing on your mind are those certain topics, then its a sad life.

Friends and family should be helpful and supporting, i mean people are already bombarded with diet tips, weightloss commericials and how to shed fat fast articles everyday. The people you surround yourself with should be a way for you to get  a break from those things, to feel happy, not triggered and anxiety filled.


  1. It is tough living with a family member who, unknowingly/ unintentionally does make many comments such as those mentioned above!

    It makes things harder.

    However, one also needs to learn during 'recovery' (moving on / endeavouring to get as well as possible), to grow a "thicker skin" and really don't let comments get to you.

    Your thoughts and reactions are all YOU..


    1. This is very true. A persons reactions and behaviour are usually what make a difference. But generally when you are recovering from an eating disorder you are quite vulnerable, but it is important to build thicker skin and work with the triggers. Because unfortunately there will always be people.who are triggering or things like diet/weight articles etc that can be triggering. But you need to forget about those things and focus on your own health!

  2. <3 thanks so much for this izzy! It is really hard and i do know a few people in my family and friend circles who are always talking about these topics, there is someone in my family in particular, who is always commenting on people bodies and calling people "big" when they are not, she has a very distorted body image and I just find her so hard to be around - Ive been avoiding her ever since i have been made to gain weight because I am so anxious shes going to coment on the weight gain. thanks so much for this izzy it was very