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Thursday, July 16, 2015

When the day doesnt turn out as planned

Hello :)
  I was going to write "Good Morning" because i am so used to writing my 'personal' posts in the morning, but its actuallt 4.20pm when i am writing this post... somehow the day has just passed by! 

Last night i went to bed with a smile on my face after having an hours conversation with my best friend over Skype. Its been several months since i last spoke to her and for the whole hour i was just laughing because our conversations always go off topic and we always speak like it was just a day ago that we last saw each other. But i havent seen her since 2013 (i think) and then it was just for a day or something while i was in Ireland. The past few months have been super busy for both of us so it has been hard to find time to Skype but finally we both had time and it makes me miss her so much, but makes me realise that distance doesnt mean so much when you are true friends. I know that she will always be there for me no matter what, she is literally the type of friend who would fly to Sweden and help me bury a body (not that that will ever happen XD)!!! I do miss seeing her everyday and being able to talk to her and tell her everything, i dont have that type of friendship with anyone here in Sweden ;/ Anyway, it was a nice way to end my day and i lay in bed with a smile on my face... though of course once again couldnt sleep last night. -_-'

This morning when i woke up i decided to take a walk to get some fresh air and move my body. So i put on a podcast and just walked and ended up getting lost so was out for a lot longer than planned so when i came home the one thing that was on my mind was food!!! So i made myself some pancakes topped with peanut butter and Nutella (and yes, there were more pancakes afterwards XD Think i only ate 3? hahahah XD)

For the rest of the day i had planned to be productive... you know write posts, answer emails... actually do something productive with my day. But that is not what happened.... instead ive spent my day eating watermelon, carrots, yoghurt with muslie. Drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea and trying to getting myself to start doing something productive with my day..... maybe make a vlogg, answer some questions. Maybe clean my boyfriends apartment (just to be nice XD)... do something. But instead i decided to take a long shower and just avoid all of that for a while and then continue sitting on the chair and doing nothing XD Not how i had planned to spend my day, infact these types of days when its not a choice to be unproductive, just that i couldnt mentally get myself to do anything give me anxiety. Feels like a day wasted, because i havent choosen to do nothing... just that i couldnt get myself to do anything :/

Anyway, no point feeling bad over it, that wont help anything. Instead i am going to continue sitting here and listening to the thunder outside and drink my X cup of tea and wait for my boyfriend to return from work, and hope that tomorow will be a more productive day... or that i will actually leave the house XD

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