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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Useful links/articles about eating disorders

Your Eatopia links
Basic Weight and Obesity Facts (explaining weight set point theory and answering the common question “If weight set point theory is factual, then why are there so many obese people?”)
Obesity Basic Facts II (obesity and disease discussed)
MinniMaud Guidelines For Recovery From a Restrictive Eating Disorder (this post shows how many calories you should be setting as your minimums, and states other principles of this method of recovery)
MinnieMaud Method and Temperament-Based Treatment (another post about 2500-3500+ calories and why we need them)
Phases of Recovery from a Restrictive Eating Disorder (important so you know what to expect throughout the duration of your recovery process)
I Need How Many Calories?!! (an explanation for why you need far more than societies RDA of calories)
Extreme Hunger - What is it? (finding yourself eating anywhere from 4,500 calories to 10,000+? This explains why this is happening and why is it necessary for your body)
Extreme Hunger - Profoundly Disturbing (further explanation of extreme hunger)

Insidious Activity (a scientific look at why exercise is not the same for those with restrictive eating disorders as it is for non-ED people, how exercise greatly hinders your physical and mental recovery, and why it is best to stay away from formal exercise for good even in remission)

Why is there so Much Pain? (experiencing pain, aches, fatigue, discomfort, water retention etc? this post explains why)

Food, Family, and Fear (let’s take a look at why all food is good food - this is probably a good one for parents and friends to read too)
Ortherexia Nervosa Explained and Defined (think that you are pursuing a pure, natural, and healthy existence? think again - you probably have ortherexia and are damaging rather than optimising your health)
BED (and Why You Don’t Have It) (lots of us self-diagnose - and some even get professional diagnosed (!!!!) - with BED when we are in the initial stages of recovery, or, if we haven’t chosen to recover, reactively eat. This post explains why you do not have BED)
Weight Recovered and Still Binging (the reasons for why you are still eating over minimums even if you think you are weight restored)
Edema (the Bane and Blessing of the Recovery Process) (a look at why edema happens and tips on how to deal with it)
Time and Scope: Recovery is Tough (how long recovery takes and why)
Anxiety Cannot Understand Logic (feel the fear, do it anyway)
Links Providing Evidence for Weight Set Point Theory

How We’ve Come to Believe that Overeating Causes Obesity (article supporting and showing evidence of set point theory and explaining why the diet industry and what we have been told about food and weight is wrong, referencing the Minnesota Starvation Experiment)

Genes Take Charge, and Diet Falls by the Wayside (another article supporting and showing evidence of weight set point theory)
The Minnesota Starvation Experiment (I would highly advise that everyone read this, and all of this, since the conclusion at the end is especially important. It references extreme hunger, tapering, overshooting, and the effects of starvation, and the research supports weight set point theory. It is a famous study so many of you may already have heard of itHere is a summary of it relating everything to recovery.
Why Are Thin People Not Fat? (BBC documentary showing how set point theory works)
Uncommon Knowledge About Changes in Body Weight – Part 1 (how the body regulates weight, causes of weight gain, and why dieting never works - and is in fact the cause of weight gain)
Health At Every Size
Everyone Knows Obesity Is Hurting Us, But Is the Fight Against Obesity the Problem?Widespread Misconceptions About ObesityConfronting the Failure of Behavioural and Dietary Treatment For Obesity (you can Google this and find this research paper in PDF form and is an amazingly informative, in-depth read)
Why Do Dieters Regain Weight?Exactly Whose Weight Are You Over?Obesity and Metabolism: Why Weight Loss Is Difficult to SustaiHealthy Redefined Part 2: Forget About Fat and Get Fit!The Lies We Buy: Defining Health at Women’s ExpenseHow We’ve Come to Believe that Overeating Causes ObesityGenes Take Charge, and Diet Falls by the WaysidBasic Weight and Obesity FactsObesity Basic Facts IIDon’t You Realise That Fat Is Unhealthy?“Obesity Paradox” #2— How can it be a disease if it has health benefits?TED Talk on Healthy at Every Size and the Myths of ObesityNo Obesity Epidemic Why Being ‘Overweight’ Means You Live Longer: The Way Scientists Twist the Facts
Other Articles/Resources
Information on refeeding syndrome and info on symptoms here and here.
What Not to Say to Someone Recovering from an Eating Disorder (good for parents, other family members, friends, and partners)
Brave Girl Eating (a website run by Harriet Brown, author of the book also called Brave Girl Eating which is a good read for parents)
The Anorexic Brain (neuroimaging improves understand of eating disorder)
Why MinnieMaud Worked For Me: Part 12, and 3 by LordStillLovesMe.
An Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients (written by a woman who used to work in the weight loss industry - just an interesting read)
I thought I was Recovering, But I Wasn’t - InMySkinnyGenes talks about how anorexia turned into orthorexia in recovery.
Articles talking about the genetic link to eating disorders:

Waving off the Dessert Cart (Your Eatopia)

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