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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top foods i always have at home & things i always have in my bag

I recently got asked what are the top 5 (Or more) foods i always have at home and things i always carry in my bag, so i thought i would answer them in a blog post.

At the moment the top foods i always want to have at home are:

Watermelon - my intake of watermelon during summer is crazy, but i love it ;)
Frozen berries - i love eating my fluff and frozen berries is a must
Nuts - If i dont eat any nuts in a day i start dreaming about them... yup, its my bodies way of telling me that i need more fat in my diet. Nuts are pretty much the main source of fat in my diet :( So without them, my body is deprived and not happy.
Raisins - they are my typical; I dont know what to eat/preparing food snack which i eat while just standing in the kitchen, or wanting something sweet or just slightly hungry!
Eggs - The reason i couldnt go vegan, i love eggs too much!! I use them for so many different things as well as eating boiled or fried almost everyday.

Thinking about it, i would be perfectly happy just living on these 5 foods. Though i think i would miss chocolate quite alot, and i do love chicken... but i think i could survive. I mean i got my protein, carbs and fat in those 5 foods :)

Items which i always have in my bag:
(Not including typical things like purse, keys, concealer, random hairpins, perfume etc)

Well if you know me, my handbag is basically my gym bag. A sports bra, pair of shorts, gym card and waterbottle (almost wrote watermelon because that is what i am eating right now!! hahah, i however dont carry a watermelon with me every where i go... even if i would like to!) are pretty much always in my bag. Before i would have wrote gym shoes but now i mostly go to the gym without gym shoes because they take up so much room and i rarely need them as i just do weights in the gym and usually take off my shoes anyway! Otherwise usually i have my laptop and charger with me!! Important things in my life :)

But if we are talking no gym things at all then i always have a waterbottle with me, everywhere i go and 98% of the time it is filled with water! And always deodorant and perfume... you never know when things get a little stressful or warm and you begin to break a sweat, or when you just need to fresh yourself up a bit!! Keeping snacks in my bag isnt uncommon either, but not as much as before, now i usually just buy something as i forget to bring snacks!

Soo... tell me... what are your necessities food wise at home, and what are things you always keep in your bag/bring with you? :)


  1. At home, the foods I always need are:
    - a lot of fruit, I can't really say which ones because it depends on my mood, although I think watermelon would be up there for sure
    - rice crackers/crisp bread: i always need something crunchy to eat with my food and I love rice crackers/crisp bread
    - cucumbers, carrots, and red peppers: i love these vegetables and I love munching on them
    - dark chocolate: i love dark chocolate and it's nice to have something sweet at home
    - yogurt: it's very refreshing and tastes delicious with almost everything, it's a neutral kind of food :)

    In my bag, I always have:
    - the usual (purse, keys, phone, etc...)
    - a water bottle
    - a book
    - many different pens
    - usually a change of shirts just in case
    - a lucky charm (i have many)

    1. Love those foods as well :) :) really I should carry pens with me but I always forget. .. whenever I don't need them I have them in bag and when I do need them I don't! ! Haha