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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tips for when you are bloated

Remember to still drink enough water. When you are bloated you think that less liquid = less bloat, but that is not necessarily the case, and more water can help with less bloat!

Also frequent and regular meals are good, dont restrict or deprive yourself just because you are blated. Your body still needs the same amount of energy as usual.

Peppermint tea can be helpful against bloating.

Limiting sodium intake - though you of course still need sodium!!

Putting something warm around your stomach can help if you get pains in your stomach from the bloat.

Wear loose and comfy clothing. Nothing too tight as that is never comfortable, but you dont need to walk around in just grey sweatpants either. I personally think loose dresses are great when you are bloated :)

Avoid mirrors and social media sites which might be triggering.

Do something which will distract you and something which you enjoy.

Do some meditation or spend some time outside, both of those are good for when you are bloated. To just clear your mind, to breathe.

Not stress, panic or feel guilty. Stressing = more bloat, and also bloating is nothing to panic or feel guilty over. Its what the body does and it happens to everyone.

And the most important step: To remember that bloating passes and dont let it dictate your mood or how your day goes.

There are times i wake up bloated several days in a row and for those days the bloat doesnt go away. It isn't so fun, especially not when you have a tight feeling around your abdomen but it passes.Everyone bloats, especially after eating or drinking it is normal. And when you are in recovery you might have extreme bloating which is uncomfortable and can be upsetting, but as long as you keep eating and drinking it will pass.

Do not let your body control you and whenever you do bloat remind yourself that it is ok. Your body is always changing and you cant stop the bloat from happening. Dont live in a world where you think that people always have a super flat stomach or that it is normal to always have a super flat stomach. Because just like with stomach rolls when you bend over/sit down, that is normal, that is how the body functions. And panicing about those things just adds to stress and unneeded anxiety and worry in your life. You are more than your body and life goes on even when you are bloated, and remember no one really cares about it apart from the person themselves!!!


  1. Hi Izzy, i'm coming to you for some advice (it has nothing to do with bloating!). I've been doing artistic skating for 8 years, but lately i feel 0 motivation to do that, which leads to bad performing, which leads to 0 motivation, etc. It's important to say that i'm recovering from a restrictive ED and i have depression, but i'm in treatment and i'm learning to handle depression very well :) i also struggle with making decisions, it's too hard for me. Okay, so lately i really don't feel very good doing artistic skating, but i think that i will feel so shitty if i leave it, because i've been doing it for 8 years and it's like a part of my identity, also, as i said before, i find it very difficult to make decisions. Also lately i really really really want to start going to the gym (maybe something inside me wants to do this instead artistic skating?), but i'm only 15 years old so i don't know if i'm too young for going to the gym, maybe not, i don't know... (i'm really sure that it's not my ED voice telling me that i should go to the gym, believe me, it's my real and healthy voice). Okay, this isn't a question hahaha sorry for that, i know that you can't tell me what to do, i just want some advice, because i'm too lost and i really want change in my life. Than you Izzy, you're an amazing, beautiful and strong person :)

    1. Well i cant tell you what to do but if you do a sport for so long it can happen that you get a little bored, you want to do something new. So i think it can be a good idea to try another form of exercise, however most gyms you have to be 16 to get a membership and i think 15 is a little too young anyway. At the gyms i have gone to you can get membership at 16 but even then you need an instructor to go through strength training with you to make sure you do it properly. But there are many forms of exercise you can do such as dancing, swimming, running, circuit training, yoga, pilates,cycling etc or maybe you just need a few weeks where you dont do any exercise at all. Where you do other things, go for a walk or something when you feel like it, but mostly dont feel pressured to do any form of exercise. Because that can cause a lack of motivation when you feel you have to do it, instead of enjoying and choosing to go there each time. If there is a way to take a break from the artisitic skating and then try again in a few weeks time, that might help you. Because you might not want to completely end it and then realise you want to return to it but its too late.