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Monday, July 27, 2015

Time passes whether you do nothing or do everything

Monday and the start of a new week... usually such a productive day for me, i always try to get all the things i didnt get done during the weekend. And that was my intended plan for the day, however that wasnt how my day turned out.

This morning i woke up late, had such a strange but good dream so when my alarm rang i was just like "Nope, i want to keep dreaming" which never happens as i so often have nightmares when i do sleep. But last night it was a wonderful, but strange dream. Then when i woke up i made myself breakfast and sat with my computer to begin with my daily blogging and other social media stuff and ended up getting stuck with it for alot longer than planned so suddenly way too long had passed. So i took Daisy for a short walk, ate a morning snack and then headed to the gym where i spent 60 minutes before returning home and thinking i would get all these things done. But that was not what happened.... instead 5 hours have passed in the blink of an eye and i really havent done much. Ive been creative in the kitchen as there is practically no food in the house, so have had to be super creative with what i am going to eat.... and well, just going to eat loads once my parents are home and go food shopping XD

Otherwise i have watched a few videos on youtube which have left me craving donuts like crazy... I am going to have to go to Dunkin Donuts soon and get myself a donut. Otherwise i have plans to go to Swedens best ice cream place soon... its a 2 hour car journey there... but i am going to try to convince either my mum or my boyfriend to drive me there... or go two seperate times, hahaha. I NEED to try their ice cream, just look at the ice creams served:

(Pictures from Google)

Please take me there now.... once i go there i want to order like 3 ice creams because... why not, and the pictures.... as well as the taste. Mmmmmm #Positivesofbeingrecovered, being able to long after eating an ice cream! I also need to try the new Ben and Jerry ice cream flavours, though i havent found them in a store yet (though they should be available!).
    Just some of my random thoughts this evening... it might be time for a night snack, when i begin thinking about food it means i'm hungry :)

On a side note and to finish i also want to link to this beautiful song which my friend wrote about yesterday.

Arrival of the birds - London Metropolitan Orchestra

I might have listened to this song like 4 or 5 times in a row today... and a total of like 15 times... hahaha. But it is sooo good. Its so beautiful, so all credit to the ochestra!!

And to finish, some photos from today... because well..... its a personal post? :) hahah

 ^^Look how happy she is whenever we go outside!


  1. Hoppas du kan få skjuts till Söderköping! Glassen på Smultronstället är delicious och uppläggningen är så fin att man knappt vill äta av glassen. Man vill liksom inte förstöra det fina upplägget :P Bor endast 20min bilresa därifrån så de tidigare åren har jag besökt dem 3-5ggr/sommar. Men nu i o med min ätstörning klarar jag tyvärr ej av att äta sådan glass :(
    hoppas dock på att våga testa innan de stänger för denna säsong. Siktar på det ;)

  2. Love your dog, love your hair- so nice and thick, love that song too! Those ice-cream ensembles... How do you even approach eating them?? They're mountains arranged so intricately, I wouldn't know where to start?! :0