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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Time flies when you are busy doing things

With tired eyes i am sitting with my dinner: which turned out to be brinner today. Music playing in the background while the rain patters down on the windows. I also have Daisy lying asleep by my feet. It's 7pm and itäs time for some 'me' time, because for most of the day i have been busy doing things. Alot of stuff online and spent a couple of hours answering emails today, and i didnt even answer all of the emails. So if you havent gotten a reply yet then i havent gotten to your email yet, or i havent recieved your email.  (Standard email talk.. repetitive, i am sorry for that!)

 This evening its alone time so going to watch a film or something, i've been watching alot of films recently, it's been kind of nice!! I've only really watched films with my boyfriend as i havent had the time or patience to watch a film on my own otherwise, but now when i do have the time it is kind of nice. Though i will always be a series type of person, because after 25 minutes my mind has already wandered. A 90 minute film usually takes 2 hours or more to watch because i end up googling something or begin reading blogs or pause to answer questions or emails or go and make tea and end up having a 30 minute conversation with my family and forgetting about the film. Hahaha, i am always the type of person who multi tasks when i watch films... i am surprised that i dont do that when i watch filsm with my boyfriend. But i guess its easier to concentrate when you know that you shouldnt or cant sit there with your phone infront of you at the same time XD

Otherwise, my goal to spend less money on food hasnt gone so well because i bought myself lunch today..... I didnt feel like cooking lunch and instead of spending money on buying things that will last more than one meal i decided to just buy myself lunch. -_-' Hahah, i guess that goal will continue next week... though really it has to continue until i get a job  and can spend money on food without feeling guilty about it! XD

I really should do 'meal prep' so that i have lunches and dinners ready to be heated. It would save time and money.... i used to do this before and it is great, its just that well..... i never feel like actually preparing all the food! Anyway too much food talk.... too many food pictures -_-'

I will find more content to post soon i promise :) Just waiting for inspiration and creative ideas to strike XD It's not always easy being a blogger, especially when posts start to become repetitive ;);)

Anyway, now its time for 'me' time and to let my brain rest!

Lunch ^^

Below is my dinner i.e brinner today!
Double portion egg white oatmeal, chocolate casein, raspberries, 2 boiled eggs & green tea


  1. I think we all agree that a guy is enough of a multitask himself.

  2. I can relate. I eat breakfast for dinner a lot of the times, dinner for lunch and lunch for breakfast. My body seems a bit confused as to what it wants. Hehe. But brinner is so much easier than cooking after a long and busy day. :)

    1. Haha yes definitely. I do that some days as well where I eat dinner food for breakfast! ! Weird cravings!

  3. For not having a job, you sure work HARD Izzy! Always answering emails, supporting girls, writing blog posts, training like an athlete, being there for your family, spending time with your boyfriend... you seem like you have such a busy but also balanced life!

    1. Hahha yeah i do quite alot. But I think of it as a choice, that I have chosen to do these things! ! Sometimes my life doesn't feel so balanced, but that's when I focus too much on just one thing in my life which isn't always good.
      I hope you have a lovely day!