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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Societies views and standards of beauty - fat shaming and fat phobia

My sister once told me a great thing when i was trying to explain why i liked tanned skin better than pale skin. She told me, That the reason i like tanned skin better is because that is what society and media had told me looks better. The people who are deemed 'better looking' often have a tan. Also things such as muscles and contours look better with a tan as well as there is more of a glow. Whether i believe it or not, media has unconsciously afffected me and told me that tanned skin looks better.
  I then replied by saying, Not everyone likes tanned skin. There are many people who prefer their natural skin colour. My sister replied by saying, But then those people are 'outsiders' they are different and not the same. And people dont like being different, its natural for people want to stick together and be similar. And eventually, the different becomes a trend or hype when too many people feel the need to rebel and be different. And then it becomes not so different, just a different trend.

There was a time when skinnier were women were mocked and skinny was not the trend, instead it was curves and a bigger form which was the 'trend'. So skinny women often tried to eat more to gain weight, look like the trend.

Now a days the trend for women has become a lean, toned and athletic look which puts ALOT of pressure on women because not only do they need to be skinny and have a low body fat (Preferable an unhealthy body fat procent according to media) but they also need to have muscles... but of course, not be 'too strong', because that is unattractive and intimidating.

I believe the reason we see skinny as beautiful and the skinned the better is because that is what society has told us. Society and media have completely messed up our view of bodies and body image. There is an extreme fat phobia within society and there is  standard body image which is accepted and seen as beauty, everything else isn't good enough. But it's also the fact that we might not see ourselves or others as they actually are. 

When I was sick and had body dysmorphia I did not see myself as I truly was..... and it took a long time until I could actually see pictures of myself as underweight and actually think I looked too skinny. I thought I looked fine, not unhealthy or too skinny and it didn't help when I got comments on my blog telling me I wasn't that skinny despite having an extremely low BMI. But that just shows how messed up people's body image is... when they can look at someone with a BMI of 13 and say, "you're not that skinny." Or "you don't look so underweight " and unfortunately,  that is what some people think.  Though that type of thinking is signs of an unhealthy ming because normal people wuth healthy minds can look at someone underweight and see that they are underweight and their body is not so healthy. But when you have a sick mind, you can't. .... and that is something you need to work with. There will always be people who are underweight, whether it's from an illness, eating disorder etc and there will be photoshopped and too skinny models in the magazines and media. There is nothing you can do about it apart from work with your own thoughts and body image. Some people have an extreme hate and dislike of anyone who is considered fat, but you know what. .... people are more than their bodies. Am I saying that it's ok to be obese, no its not as that is just as unhealthy as being underweight. But having a higher weight or BMI or being bigger than the standard doesn't make you ugly or unaccepted.

I believe more body love and acceptance is needed in society and media. To not shame skinny people, to not bring down overweight /bigger people. .... but instead be positive about all body image. There are illnesses which prevent people from gaining weight or losing weight and that shouldn't mean that they get treated differently.

You need to try to think rationally and logically. An underweight body is not a healthy body (though of course weight and BMI aren't everything. ). Work on loving yourself, not letting society rule your thoughts.  Look at different body images and people of different size and compliment them.... see the positive things in their body. Be body positive, be accepting of other peoples bodies. You may have a prefered look, that is ok. I mean people are naturally attracted to different people, and different people like different things and that is ok. But its not ok to just hate other peoples bodies or other people based on their bodies.... then you need to work with your own thoughts and your own mind. It takes time, but the best thing is to focus on being body positive about yourself as well as other peoples bodies. Realise that there is more than one body shape and that skinny doesnt mean best or perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect body anyway.

(Though of course, if there is an actual reason to comment about someone being underweight or overweight... if their is suspicion about a person having an eating disorder then someone needs to talk to them. But blatantly commenting about their appearance or telling them to eat more/less wont help anything)


  1. Thank you so much for this Izzy, you're so right! This is such an important message to send out and I agree 100%! xxxx