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Friday, July 17, 2015

Recent eats & some new snack tips

Summer is the time for watermelon and vegetables!! Or that is a big part of my summer and my summer intake! When its warm, or just in general when it is summer and i dont have so many routines then i prefer to just eat a bunch of snacks and eat things like pancakes and waffles. But mostly i am craving fresh fruit and vegetables pretty much 90% of the time. Once autumn and winter starts rolling in it will be back to oatmeal and quark but for now i am enjoying all the freshness of berries and fruit!

Below are some of my recent meals:

Some recent favourite snacks i have found are:

Boil a few eggs for roughly 3-5 minutes so that they are still very soft and gooey and then mix the whole egg(s) with an avocado (preferably a soft avocado) & some seasoning = Yumm! It tastes super good, also try putting it on bread/crisp bread/ricecakes or eating with some potatoes wedges/sweet potatoe wedges.

Crisp bread/Bread with spread and pesto... I havent eaten in pesto in years... why? Because it was a fear food of mine and convinced myself i didnt like it and so havent eaten it since maybe 2009.. i.e 6 years ago. But today i saw it in the fridge and thought... why not try it again? Its not a food that scares me, but ive just thought i dont like it. But today i put it on crisp bread (weird combination XD) but it tasted amazing. And now all i want to do is cook a pot of pasta and mix some pesto in it :)

Mix quark with protein powder in a mixer until it becomes really fluffy and light. Then eat as it is or put in the freezer so it becomes sort of like ice cream! (P.s dont forget the toppings... because in all honesty, its the toppings that make the meal. I dont eat quark with toppings, i eat toppings with quark XD)

The combination nutella and peanut butter.... Why didnt anyone ever tell me about this magical combination? How can i be this old and only realise this combination now? What have i been missing out on for all these years??? Atleast i now have an excuse to eat plenty of it.. i mean, i am making up for all the lost time!

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  1. When I read PB and nutella, I was like "What? Who has ever invented something like this?" I couldn't not to try it and it's heaven. I want to eat the whole jar of this!