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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Realisations from living on your own -positives and negatives

So the past week I have been alone and taking care of the house as my parents and sister are away and I have cone to some realisations:

I never realised how many plants we have at home until you have to water them all!

Doing the laundry really isn't that bad, the hardest thing is actually remembering to take the clothes out of the machine. It's happened a little too often where it's gone a day or two and I've forgotten the clothes in the machine.  I have more important things on my mind!

When living on your own it's not weird to shower or go to the bathroom with the door open.... Because well, it's not like anyone else is at home.

Music and background noise becomes my best friend as it's so silent otherwise.

When spending too much time on my own i begin to long and crave to spend time with other people even if usually i just want my own time.  However that's just because I am always surrounded by people and so need to get away, but now I want to spend time with people. ... a little each day anyway!

The kitchen always seems to be a mess,  even if it's just me at home. I don't really understand how I prepare food?

Cooking food isn't as tempting, instead i would rather just eat snacks.

My BCAAs, casein and other things have begun to take more place in the kitchen and cupboards!! I usually have to keep them in my room as my family don't use them and my mum doesn't really approve of them, even if she knows I use them. I am pretty sure when I have my own apartment I'm going to have a cupboard just filled with all those things.

It's nice to just wander around the house in underwear! Or well, sports bra and mini shorts! Hahha

I don't mind doing the laundry or dishwasher or hoovering, but it's nice to do it in your own freetime and when yiu want to. Not just because you are told to do it (which rarely happens as I always do those things without being told anyway! )

You don't need to worry about making too much noise either too early in the morning or too late in the evening!!

It is nice to live on my own and there are alot of positives but at the same time, it is easy to isolate yourself and not realise that suddenly it's gone 5 days and you haven't actually spoken to anyone. Luckily my boyfriend calls me and I leave the house everyday to do things but I can imagine if I didn't go to the gym or didn't have a boyfriend i could very easily go 2 weeks and realise that I haven't seen other people or talked to someone physically in 2 weeks.  Not to mention that at times the silence can get too much and you feel very lonely. Also a note, as my boyfriend works and has to be at work at 7am he hasn't been able to sleep at my place,otherwise he would of :) would have been nice !!

Anyway,  these were just my thoughts and realisations!!!


  1. haha totally relate to this! I do so many of these things as I live on my own. I love having my own space and my own time, and could easily go a whole weekend in my own company just chatting to random people at the gym or grocery shopping or my pet Budgie! Crazy budgie lady!
    But its important to appreciate time with loved ones and people you care about. They bring out the best in you and whats the point in life and stuff if you don't have anyone to share it with? Whenever I think I want to be on my own I remember I'm lucky to have a boyfriend, family, friends who want to be around a fitness & food obsessed crazy budgie lady!

    1. Hahah i am glad i am not the only one :):) Yes definitely, i think there needs to be a balance between alone time and socializing time!! Too much of either i dont think is good.