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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pictures from my last day in Gothenburg

Yesterday was my last day in Gothenburg - for this time anyway. I do like the town so i do plan on going back sometime, whether i move there or not, which is an option i'm going to think about, or just going there to run "göteborgsvarvet" which is a half marathon.

It was our last day of breakfast buffet and i have come to the realisation, that my mind tells me i can eat so much more than i physically can. It's a pity.... my head told me i could eat so much more than i actually could. So didnt get a chance to eat/try everything. Might also be the fact that i am not that hungry in the mornings and so didnt feel as hungry. Anyway, the breakfast at the hotel was delicious! If there werent so many people i would have taken a picture because the buffet looked great :)

Onto my day then.... we checked out at 11am and went to a science centre where there were fish and animals to look at as well as other exhibitions and science things to do! Then it was lunch in the sun followed by fro-yo while lying in the sun and then we walked back to the hotel to get our bags and made our way to the train station! And then the next 3,5 hours were spent travelling and finally i was home again!!

It was a really nice trip and I enjoyed every moment of it :) Doing and seeing different things! Like an adventure, sort of! Alot of fun and 3 days away was the right amount of time. Now i have 2 days to just rest up, spend time at home before we are off again :):)

How much i would weigh on each planet: (Which might be a reminder to you that your weight is just your relationship with gravity... i mean if i want to weigh 10kg, i should move to the mooon.... who cares what your weight is... because once again, it changes all the time based on many different factors, so the scale really isnt that accurate. Not to mention, that scales can give you different weights because there is a marginal and sometimes scales have gotten damaged or broken so show that you weigh less/more than you actually do. But once again.... who cares about the number ;))

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