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Monday, July 13, 2015

My training at the moment

I have gotten alot of questions recently asking about my new training program. And well, its not so much a program as specific exercises and goals i have for myself. I have made the 'program' myself based on myself, how my body works and what my goals are. So its no idea to copy this or do the same thing, however it can be inspiration or give you some ideas :)

My main focus and goals are to get stronger, lift heavier weights and still have proper technique and good mobility. Even if i am quict flexible i have always had bad mobility due to my hips, knees and lower back. I rarely do squats and i think my max squat is 50kg, anymore than that and my lower back can ache for days. I have checked my technique, but due to a genetic hip problem i have it makes me squat a little weird, where my right hip sort of does its own thing and that puts alot of pressure on my lower back. So i havent done so many back squats, and then i havent had the mobility in my knees to do front squats. But i have done alot of stretching and mobility so now i can do 'full' squats without it hurting in my knees or lowerback as well as being able to increase the weights almost each time.

My focus is on 'whole body' exercises and then doing some isolation exercises once or twice a week depending.

At the moment my training looks a bit like this: (Or how i have planned it to be)

Twice a week: Legs with focus on front squats, over head squats, hip thrusts and then some isolation exercises

2-3 times a week: Deadlifts & "squat push presses",  (dont even know what to call it!) push ups, pull ups, chin ups (1-2 times a week i do lighter and more reps focusing alot on tecnique and more reps on medium weights and then one day a week its going for PB's)

And 1-2 times a week i do isolation exercises for chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and stomach as its important to work all the muscles so that nothing weird happens in the body. Or you work too much on one side of the body and you can start to injure yourself because one side is stronger (i.e working too much on the back and not enough on the chest can lead to pain and injuries).

I go to the gym max 6 days a week and always take one full rest day a week, though optimally i should take 2... but it all depends on life. Some weeks i take 3 rest days other weeks my rest day is still an active rest day, so it depends. Generally i dont really plan my rest days.. i used to do that before but now i prefer to just take rest days when i need them (which is often 1-2 times a week), but i dont like feeling like i have to rest and do nothing when i have energy to go to the gym or workout. Then i would much rather workout that day and rest the following day if i feel i need it.

I make sure to not workout the same muscle groups right after each other i.e if i do squats and deadlifts one day then the next day will just be isolation exercises for my arms or chest or it will be a rest day.

With cardio, i do that when i feel like it... whether its a long run, short walk, HIIT or a walk to/from the gym. At the moment because its warm and summer i am walking to and from the gym because its alot quicker as public transport is all weird at the moment and i need to  replacement buses, so that is my cardio at the moment.

Ive sort of been following this plan for the past few weeks when i have been able to go to the gym and its so much fun!! I might just do 3 or 4 exercises per workout but each workout takes around 50-70 minutes because i do so many sets. I can do around 10 sets per exercise some workouts as i really focus on technique or trying to increase my weights. Before this workout plan i could do 10-15 different exercises per workout but i like just doing few, and ive seen so much progress already. Feeling so much stronger, making progress and seeing progress physically which is fun. But feeling stronger is the best!!!

The important thing to remember is that with exercises like deadlifts, different types of squats, clean and jerk etc etc they require proper technique. So if you do want to do them, then ask someone at the gym to show you or help you with the technique first, that is very important. Otherwise you can injure yourself. I am always very worried about injuring myself while doing these exercises but i listen to my body and know that days where i feel more tired then i dont use alot of weight or days where my head is unfocused then i dont do those exercises because there is a higher chance of injuring myself. Which isnt worth it!!!


  1. Great post very true!

  2. Awesome routine you got there Izzy, heavy lifting always makes me feel super strong and confident. Keep us updated on your progress :).